Project 365 – Week 36

I need a short break from dust removing, packing, moving, cleaning, problem solving, sorting and did I mention cleaning and dust removing???? So here are my pictures of this week :)

Ich brauche mal eine kurze Pause vom Staub wischen, einpacken, umstellen, saubermachen, Probleme lösen, sortieren und habe ich saubermachen und Staub wischen schon erwähnt??????  Hier also meine Photos der Woche :)


August 31-2009: Emptying the kitchen for the “skylight-project”.


First hole in the roof- here in the kitchen. SCARY!


Leaving for work with this picture in mind. Skylight hole for my studio is in progress.


Skylight in the kitchen is in- Electricity is to be solved.


Painting my new studio with the skylight.


We are getting there!


Fearless Freep entertains me while putting my stuff into my new studio. :)

If you need a reminder on the real Fearless Freep:

Have a great week :)

Habt eine schöne Woche :)

  • Cat


    Love your new Ikea Studio furniture, I’ve been wanting that one with the drawers forEVER!! can’t wait to see pictures of the finished room!


  • Daphne


    More light is always good especially with the winter time coming!



  • eef


    Looks all great! And your cat is hillarious :-D XOXO eef


  • sylvia


    oh Nat, i can’t wait to see this in real life!!! congrats and have fun decorating!!


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