Project 365 – Week 38

With lot’s of Love from Barcelona- I love it!!! More about the workshops that were so much fun and more Pix from there and Barcelona- later :)

There we go :) Week 38 – wowsers I feel like I’m rotating around myself right now- LOL

Da sind wir schon wieder ) Woche38 – mann oh mann ich fühl mich wie ein Kreisel zur Zeit- LOL


Such a nice ranbow out of my studio window. Love it.


I love that I have the sewing machine set up in a way now that I can sew whenever I want.


I had those wall tattoes for a while and then forgot them – found them while moving the studio – and voila! So cool!


Two stamps are in the suitcase  – It was hard to decide. Those have to stay here. :)


Arrived near Barcelona in Gava and had a wonderful salad and beer and company on Lisa’s terrace.


After an inspiring and wonderful workday I arrived in Barcelona- oh wow!


Casa Mila- Barcelona. On the top roof- as soon as we are there it starts to rain. Loved the sculptures on the top.

See you soon :)

  • Linda Beeson


    I want to come play with your stamps. It is always fun to see what stamps other people collect.


  • Julie Ann Shahin


    P.S. thanks so much Nat for visiting my blog and commenting on my art doll/shadow box!!!! i so appreciate it! :)


  • Cat


    It would have been hard to choose ONLy 2 stamps….glad you had a good time, looking forward to seeing more


  • Daphne


    Barca forever!!!


  • Fienchen


    Gott, hat sich bei dir viel getan *staun*. Deine Fotos sind super, deine Layouts und Karten wie immer so genial und ich gratuliere dir ganz herzlich zum neuen DT Job ! Wenn nicht DU, wer dann ? ;o)
    Lass es dir gut gehen und ich werd dich arg am 10. vermissen (mit wem soll ich denn so viel quatschen ? *gg*)
    Drück dich,
    Deine Pedi


  • heather


    Lovely. Have fun in Barthelona. I love, love, love your wall art.


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