Project 365 – Week 44

I will show you photo sof the vacation later….right now I try to catch up with everything – LOL  – and that includes posting my pictures of the year.

Ich zeige Euch noch ein paar Bilder vom Urlaub später…zur Zeit muß ich mal erstmal all den alltäglichen Wahnsinne bewältigen – LOL – und das beinhaltet übrigens auch die Bilder des Jahres ;)


October 26-2009: Back in NJ – fun afternoon with our friends, then back at my brother in law’s house…cracking up about the frog leg dog :)


October 27-2009: no doubt my funny niece and nephew are teenagers now…man…I’m getting old – LOL


October 28-2009: new wintershoes…just reinvesting into the American Economy ;)


October 29-2009: back in Germany…ahhhh – hello shower…I missed my German shower ,)


October 30-2009: got our wonderful stone bought from native americans at the Monument Valley back home…we found a good place for it.


October 31-2009: Halloween – we got the last pumpkin in a decent size and did a quick cut.


Wishing you a fun day!

  • Kim Sonksen


    I am LOVINg those photos – that stone is my favourite and the pumpkin is wicked


  • Sue Clarke


    Funny dog pose and warm new
    shoes (thanks for doing your part to help our economy)!


  • heather


    I laugh, I sighed, and I grinned.


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