Top Ten Blog Posts 2011 and Year Review

This has been such an amazing but also super exciting roller coaster year for me and that is reflected in some of my favorite Blog Posts as well – so I will connect the year review with my favorite posts :)

At the beginning of the year I decided to leave my secured job as a paralegal – a job I was very good at, did for 17 years and where I earned well and where I had amazing bosses and colleagues. All to become a full time artist. And it started with some blog posts reflecting that step:

Life Changes and Life is good

When I was writing this I was soooo full of fear and yet so excited and it is amazing to look back and think – wow – little did I know :) Little did I know how amazing the ride would be, how draining and hard at times and I can only say- Sooo glad I did this!

Which leads to this post:

The key to change is to let go of fear

This is such a true post and it needs to be read more often. Fear is what grabs you when you get rejected or things are not working out the way they should go. And more than once this year I was proofed that letting go of the fear is good for changes :)

My biggest supporter has been my husband and my friends! Without you I would never made this decision. Thank you so much for believing in me – I’m truly grateful for you all!!! And my blog readers who have been so amazingly supportive- you rock!!!!!

I have been extremely lucky that I had many amazing opportunities to teach workshops all over the world including Germany, Greece, Norway, Australia, Spain and the USA. And I have enjoyed pushing myself with more Online Workshops especially with the Über*Media Workshop series.

I had a lot of chances this year to play and do some stuff in my studio – but only after a while – because getting adjusted to my new life was weird ;)  Now Studio time is part of my daily work- and it gives it a different feel. It took me almost a year to finally start reorganizing my studio – with the help of my friend Julie…..and it is still not done- LOL

Reorganizing my n*Studio

Check out Julie’s blog in the new year- she is doing a whole Reorganizing Series!!!

Here are some of my favorite tutorials this year:

Acrylic Canvas Flower Tutorial:

Working with Acrylic Paints is one of my favorites and I loved get reminded on those flowers I taught last year in Paris.


Wedding Card Tutorial:

It is a bit different from usual cards you would send out for weddings but I love it because it is so different and I know the recipients appreciated this.

3 DIY Silk Screen Printing Tutorials:

I loved this one because when we did the Fall crop at Cocoa Daisy and after I chose this theme, I thought by myself- what did you do? What am I supposed to do now? And it pushed me hard to think of some ways and I loved the outcome afterwards :)


And this year was also a year where I did other things I have never done before- like Live Ustreams for Companies like Prima Marketing and Tattered Angels.

Prima Workshop – Romantic Grunge

The feeling after the first show was so good- I had been so scared about this live show and although there were many accidents…like spray paint at places on my body there it shouldn’t end up or a canvas that fell onto my head- it was great and taught me…in the end all will be working out fine :)

One of my favorite blogpost is also the capture of Julie and my Mixed Media Circus Event

Mixed Media Circus Event Recap

For this self organized event of my dreams there was a huge amount of planning and organization involved and it was just as cool as I imagined. Julie and I had a blast with a wonderful group of AWESOME and international students! It will carry me a long way with happiness thinking back to this :)

I also love this blog post:

Let’s experiment in the n*Studio

It was fun sharing how ideas spring and actually- although this is not part of the Über*Media Gesso Workshop – a few ideas sparked out from this for the workshop ;) I also realized I learned a lot more since then in doing videos ….wowsers- and I’m still learning – LOL.

And then last but not least…. 29 Ways to stay Creative

A video that sparked a vision of mine for the a collaboration which later lead to the Creative Jump Start Summit 2012 – and I so can’t wait for it to begin so I can share with you :)

So, all in all it was a great year! For the next year I have some wishes and goals for myself . One of it is spending more time again with my friends who have come awfully short this year. I also want to make more of my time which actually will help with the former said ;) . I also need to take things in a calmer way and also learn to let things go! I have a couple plans and dreams as an artist and I know there is an awesome year to come and I’m looking forward to 2012 – Onward and Upward as my friend Rachel often says :)


Thank you all for all your support throughout the year!!! I wish you a wonderful and creative happy New Year 2012!

Huge hugs and see you next year – LOL



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  • Marjie Kemper


    Oh my gosh, I am SO glad you took the time to post this recap of your favorite blog posts from last year. Most were new to me and I loved catching up and seeing all I did. Still have to go back for the video on that gorgeous ‘let’s experiment’ piece but time’s run out for tonight. Congratulations to you for taking that huge leap of leaving the legal work to face your dreams head on! I am a happier person for your decision, and I wish you all the best in 2012 as you keep on rocking!


    • nathalie-kalbach


      Ahhh Marjie- you are such a Sweetie!!! Wishing you an amazing 2012 too!!!! Huge hugs!!!


  • Tana


    Happy New Year, Nat! Happy to begin this creative year with you! Hugs and Kisses! ♥ (Cuchy’s niece) ;)


  • JoZarty


    So glad I subscribed and I feel that 2012 will be something to look forward to now artistically. It’s quite exciting feeling that I have a new starting point at which to begin my art journey. 35 minutes left of 2011 here in Liverpool, England so, thank you and Happy New Year!


  • Sue Clarke


    How wonderful to share the journey into full-time artist with us…you’ve come a long way baby! Here’s to a success 2012 Nat.


  • Martha Richardson


    It has been quite the year for you Nat…but look where you are. You have just begum to scratch the surface…I know that you will rock 2012!!! Happy New Years my friend xoxoxoxo


  • sylvia


    i loved reading about your adventures of transforming into a fulltime artist. you totally deserve to be successful at this and yet even if you weren’t, i feel so happy for you that you’re doing what you love!! you inspire me!
    hugs and have some great last hours of this incredible year!


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