Winding Down: My Top Ten Blog Posts of 2013



As said earlier in my Top Ten Photo Post – it was a crazy year. Lot’s of things happened in my life as an artist and my private life…if you can divide those two things. I cannot not and I see that reflected in my blogging. I definitely  share more of my private life and my opinions- it is in the end what makes my art work me- it is a big part of me. Some like it – some don’t …but well ;)

So here are my top ten Blog Posts of 2013:

1. In Case you didn’t know…or…I am an Alien



It was a big step. After my sweet husband living in Germany for the last 15 years we moved to the U.S. in September.And boy- all the preparation for it. Just the time and paperwork for the visa application was way longer as I would have ever anticipated being married for 10 years to an American but with only 6 months for the visa to be issued- I can call myself lucky.  Preparing the move was crazy too and I would understate it, if I would say it was a piece of a cake. It wasn’t it was emotional, draining and exhausting. But it has been a good decision so far. I love it here – I love our new home, I love the neighborhood, I love living here. It is different- I have many daily observations as a Kraut in the U.S. – LOL – but of course I am missing my friends over there and my family. The good thing is – we have family and friends over here too and we missed those back in Germany :) All in all – I am a happy Kraut-Alien ;)

2. Definitely not Germany’s Next Top Model or…Photoshoot



I learned a lot about myself this year…hahahha- scary he? I had a lot of fun at this photo shoot but it also showed me a lot about how other people receive you, how you would like to be received and how reality can kick in big time  ;)

3. The Whole Truth or…A Day in The Jewish Museum in Berlin



This was an experience and a topic which was hard to write about – but I am glad I did. It was a very deep experience with my friend Julie and I will never forget our emotions and exchange due to visiting this exhibition.

4. 40 is the new 30 or…You asked



I had a lot of fun putting the answers to those questions together on my “turning 40” post :)

5. I am soooo excited…and I just can’t hide it or Stencil Girl Products




Coming out with my own Stencil Designs for StencilGirl Products has been one of my biggest artist highlights for me this year. It was a dream come true!

6. Hamburg*End(Si)e or…my very first exhibition




My very first exhibition was another huge highlight of my artist life this year. In this post I am talking about what I learned doing this. I hope one day I will do this again.

7. My Favorite Mixed Media Essentials: 6. Spray Paints



I continued my favorite Mixed Media Essentials Series – and this is a reminder that I have still a couple more sequels to go – so I gotta get going on this :)

8. Inspired by Shane Koyczan or…for the bullied and beautiful



I love when something I see or hear inspires me right away to create something – and so did this poem by Shane Koyczan. I saw the video and afterwards I ran into my studio and created this art journal page .

9. Deserted Island Question or…Nat’s Emergency Art Kit



Moving to the U.S. and having at least four weeks no studio supplies as those were being shipped on a boat in a container forced me to think about an Emergency Art Kit. It proved to be a VERY valuable kit during those four weeks – I am glad to report that this will be my go-to Kit if I need one again :)


10. Does she know that she forgot what she once knew?



I used to write so much about my grand-aunt Margot- and this one was probably the only one in 2013. She is a huge part of my life as some of my long time reader know- but as Dementia is taking over now every day- it is hard for me to write about her – I will again soon  though.She is doing good, it is just tough to deal with as I know anyone who experienced Dementia in their family can relate to.


That was it – my top ten blog posts I wrote this year and that reflected big parts of this year or influenced me . I hope you enjoyed some of those posts along the year. I thank you all for reading my blog – I am very grateful for you and your comments have made my days throughout the year! THANK YOU!!!




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  • Sue Clarke


    Aunt Margo is always a part of your best.
    What a year it’s been for you and your creative work Nat!
    As always, thanks for sharing the magic and the inspiration.


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