Winding Down The Year: Best Nine of Instagram 2015


According to #bestnine2015 these are my most liked photos of 2015 on instagram. I loved seeing this.

Top Row – left to right: 1. Julie while we prepare our Australia Workshop, 2. Bags I had printed with one of my paintings, 3. My self bound new Art Journal

Middle Row – left to right: 4. Painting of the Stanley Theatre in Jersey City, 5. The 2 Tallest Painting in Progress, 6. Water tower Painting and Water towers – kinda geeking out here ;)

Bottom Row – left to right: 7. Art Journal Spread in Progress, 8. Shipping some of my paintings to a show, 9. Playing with a baster in my art journal

If you want to do this too on your instagram account just go here to – be patient -it takes a long time until it loads- and don’t go to the other stuff they pop up- that was a little bit annoying- but in the end – it is fun to see the collage :)

Have a wonderful day


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  • Joi@RR


    Wow – this is so neat – and true to you… colorful!!! Love the theater and your WIP of two talls is FAB. But my fav is still the water tower – I have loved that one from day one. It just has such character and such incredible colors. Those mini water towers are perfect to go with it too! This was a great treat.. Thanks bunches for a WONDERFUL 2015 from N*Studio and YOU dear Nat…. looking forward to another “HAPPY NEW YEAR” with you and your art work!!!! Hugs. j.


  • Seth


    Great to see these 9 pics Nat. And thanks for the link. I found my best nine. And, as you said, had to deal with a zillion pop-ups. But worth it in the end.


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