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The next ArtCollab zoomcast chat with Sarah Matthews and I is coming up on Tuesday, July 6th at 12noon. This time we are talking about a fundamental need of all people, including artists… It is REST! Yes even artists need to take a break and we’re chatting about how we juggle that along with everything else we have going on in life. Register HERE for ArtCollab Episode 5 – The Art of Self Care.


What is on the plate for ArtCollab Episode 5? The Art of Self Care – Let’s not forget to take time to breathe, reset, and make sure that our artistic practice is aligning with our purpose. It is time to talk about the Art of Self Care! As artists we have a go go go mentality and frequently wear many different hats as we juggle various projects, obligations, and revenue streams. When you are this busy, it is easy to forget to take breaks, but we are here to remind you that self care is crucial to success. We’ll discuss how to make sure rest is a part of the schedule and share our personal favorite ways to take a break. Most importantly, we’ll talk about how rest can help refine your focus as an artist – allowing you a moment to reflect on what you are creating, why you are creating, and any adjustments that you might need to make.

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Are you new to ArtCollab? Each month my friend and fellow artist Sarah Matthews and I get together for a live zoomcast to discuss art topics and to share with you some of our current artistic collaborations. We cover a range of topics and each episode opens up a conversation that is often greater than what we planned. Last episode we tackled the Art vs Craft debate and we got into heavy discussion about our role as artists and using art as a platform and tool for social change. You can check out this and other past episodes of ArtCollab here in the Community tab on the website. See you at the next ArtCollab.

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