ArtCollab – Watch Episode 9 and Stay Tuned

Did you catch ArtCollab this month? Sarah Matthews and I talked about gratitude and specifically called out some of the people in our lives who have helped shape our artistic journeys. You can watch a recording here and then scroll down for info on what’s next for ArtCollab.

Here is an overview:

In this episode of ArtCollab we talk about some of the people who have helped us become who we are today and most importantly we take the time to share our gratitude for these amazing people. Many along the way have been pivotal sources of inspiration, encouragement, advice, opportunity, and friendship, and all have played a big part in both our artistic (and life) journeys. Educators, artists, spouses, advocates, and personal friends are all called out in this episode and stories are shared to describe the positive impact that others can often have when it comes to shaping a life. In addition to the people, this discussion also touches upon technology as a lifeline for connections when physical interactions aren’t possible, and the resurgence of the hand written note during recent times. In the end, we show some artwork inspired by Showing Gratitude and we ask the audience for input on future ArtCollab topics.

ArtCollab is taking a little break but will return with a new episode in February 2022! Stay Tuned!!!

And if you want to catch up on previous episodes of ArtCollab, you can find recordings of this and every ArtCollab ZoomCast here in the Community tab on the website.

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