CHA Winter 2011 – This is just a LOVE NOTE to all I met and all I saw :)

I hadn’t much time to walk the floor and I have to admit that most of the time I didn’t even take photos. I just wanted to enjoy the time I had, looking, breathing the creativity and just meeting old friends and new wonderful people. There are many thoughts on my mind about the mood and behaviour on the floor – but I leave the deeper not so wonderful thoughts for my newsletter and just talk about the fun stuff here – so this is all about LOVEEEE :) and it is Picture heavy!

One of my personal highlights…and that was not even personal- lol- but I was just so giddy with excitement for my friend Julie Fei Fan Balzer – was her licensing booth. Ever since she told me about it in November I have been crossing my fingers for her and I was sooo excited. When I went down the hall on Thursday and she wasn’t there cause the flights were cancelled because of the weather – I almost cried…no kidding. I love her sooo much…yep – and I miss her dearly cause man…this New York Girl is right up my alley :)  (ok- that is enough now…LOL)


Whenever I had a bit time I visited her and her mother Eileen down in the basement hall – and afterwards- I couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks for keeping me sane girl :) – Look at her awesome booth- I sooo love her work!


BTW….when you were not at the booth….Birgit and I did a little inpersonation of you – snigger ;)


Another gorgoeus booth with amazing products was Vintage Street Market. I have been eyeing the amazing blog for a while now- and …yes…man…I’m really slow sometimes…hahahhaa- I just found out before CHA, that the new company is actually run by Michelle and Allison – who I know too- LOL. I love the concept and can’t wait to work with the yummiee goodies.

Love this pic of Allison and Kaydi and me :)


Meeting Julia Andrus from Eco Green Crafts again  has been another favorite of mine – She is amazing and her products are so yummie. We had lot’s of chatting and we will have more in the future ;)

Another pleasant surprise was the La Blanche Stamp Booth – wow – German…as most Germans know of course the name “LaBlanche” and the stamps- amazing. Can’t wait to play with them either.

My absolute HIGHLIGHT…the Canvas Corp. Booth – I’m in Love with those products- I wanna dive in, start working on canvas, burlap, denim – totally up my alley and the people working there were the nicest people on earth. You will definetley see me working more with those products :)



I had a loveley short visit at the graphic45 booth- always in Love with their projects and decorations and I love Diane and Aimee!



this circus stage…blew me away – I couldn’t stop looking at it. I forgot which of the amazing design team members did it…but whoever it is…GIRL you ROCK!!!


Time to sneak in a picure of mine- LOL – I bought this vintage dress on Hollywood Blvd. Man- do I love this dress…I so don’t care if someone thinks this is the only dress I own – LOL – you will see it a lot in the next years- just get used to it ;)

cute nat

The Prima Marketing Booth – I was really thrilled that I was asked to do some samples for them too – the funny thing though was that people didn’t recognize my work- they said it was different to my usual work…mhhh – I wonder…maybe I felt too pressured and didn’t stay true to myself? Mhhh – I still think it is me…
The canvas shows my BIL and SIL – so surprise to you guys…:) It will be on your doorsteps soon.

I have to admit this one is a bit flowery for me :)
The last one I couldn’t find on the walls- there were sooooo many projects – so here is the picture I took of it at home:


Here is my best roomie Birgit Koopsen (and I mean BEST roomie) with her layouts

I met wonderful people again and for the first time – most I have no photos of (grrrrr) like Ronda Palazzari, Christine Drumheller (thank you for the coolest Dinner together you two- love you two bunches!),  Dina WakleyKerry Lynn Yeary (always such fun to see you- wish we could spent more time together), Pamela Young, Dyan Reaveley (how the heck could I miss this artist- she is sooo awesome and her stamps …..I’m soooo on to buy them next!), my Stampington Editors (it is always wonderful to see you all and spent time with you!),Bettina von Gross (you can me once- LOL- love ya) Donna Kato (so glad we had time to finally meet and have lunch together! I love working with you!!!),  my sweet Tattered-DT- Girls besides the ones already listed :)  Jamie Dougherty (I wanna pack you in my suitcase and bring you home to Germany :) ) , Holly Simoni (love you!!!), Rachel (oh man…you know I love you and I thank you with all my heart for all you do ! You are amazing!), Sherry Mendoza (soo awesome to finally meet you- can’t wait to see you in April in Australia again)

There are many many more- I would love to add a personal note- so watch out…my brain will catch up and you might find a personal email soon :) so don’t think I forgot you if you are not listed :)

here are Kirsty Wiseman and Natasja Verbeek (Kirsty love you pieces- you sweet UK girl and Natasja- you know you are adorable)

Suzi Blu who showed up at my demo table and after I realized who she was (starting with “I think I know you somehow…DAHHH) I turned into squeeking fan crush mode (the one I usually dislike- LOL) – LOOK how proud I am to be on her side-hahahah CHA_20

After a LOOONNNNNGGG and FUNNNN night – Natasja, Trisha Ladouceur (best snuggie ever LOL) and Birgit Koopsen.

Sweet sweet Erin Yamabe-who always makes me laugh and who has the biggest heart of them all

look at the layout she made for Hambly :)

Leica Forrest my DT-buddie from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L – the funniest and prettiest girl on earth (thanks for all the hidden love notes in my journal- still cracking up- lol)

Leica, Cathi Brumley (so wonderful to meet you-you are gorgeous!) and I

Aida from Singapore- who I will hopefully see in Singapore in May again :)

OK- I hope I covered most of it- and you got not bored over my LOOOOOVEEEE Notes- LOL.

have a gorgeous sunday!


  • Ronda P


    BEST dinner EVER! Laughed so hard. Spent with some of the most talented women in the industry!


  • Birgit Koopsen


    Gosh I’m in here 4 times :) LOL!! Didn’t we have fun?!! Thanks for all your support and introductions! I LOVED being your roomie and hope you consider taking me in again next time!! You’re the sweetest!


  • Jenn


    I love all of your pictures! Thanks for showing off my cow! :) I wish that I would’ve been able to make it to the Tattered angels demo that you did! I will email you later!
    Jenn {Canvas Corp}


  • finnabair


    thank you so much for sharing, Nat :)
    piece of BIG WORLD on my PC :)


  • erin yamabe


    oh, what a sweet love fest post! right back at ya, my gorgeous friend! i hope i get to see you soon, at summer cha or before ok?


  • rachel carlson


    you make my heart full with love. thank you.


  • milkcan


    What a great recap! And thanks for the love, my dear, it’s a mutual admiration club! (PS: the photo of Birgit in my booth made me giggle!)


  • Isolde


    I looooooooooove your vintage dress. You look so cute in it. Indeed the prima projects are so diffrent from your usual style but I love them lots!
    Love, Isolde


  • Christyn


    Great recap…I have a mutual love for Ronda P, in fact I was at her house for some much needed friend time just last night.


  • Martha Richardson


    I LOVE your LOVE note…to see the beautiful face of scrapping and CHA…thanks for the visuals…it helps for those who couldn’t attend!


  • Yvonne


    Sieht nach einer grandiosen Zeit auf der CHA aus. Das Kleid ist ja cool! LG Yvonne


  • Sue Clarke


    Sweet review for me to see of your visit to CHA. I’ve never been but I bet it is fun to see old friends and make new ones as well. I love the LO Art Has Many Faces (now that’s you Nat)!


  • christiane


    so much love to give!!
    a heart can’t be big enough, huh?? ;)
    tfs!! :D


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