Epic Post about CHA Winter 2012 and a Secret Revealed

≈Back Pipes signaling the beginning of the show≈

I cannot even tell you how awesome this CHA has been! This was my third time and I did a lot of things different this time. The first time I went and had no idea what to expect, was totally overwhelmed and had the feeling I did everything wrong. The second time I went and worked the whole time, saw almost nothing of the floor and was totally overwhelmed and had the feeling I did everything wrong. And this time?

I went – and totally loved every single minute- had the feeling I saw everything, enjoyed everything and made the most of everything :) This was the best and most uplifting inspiring CHA yet.

I guess I should blurt it right out because to be quite honest, I have no idea how I was able to keep this secret so long- LOL ….Eco Green Crafts and I partnered and they released a Stamp Plate of mine this CHA – Texture stamps- here is a product Mock up. I’m sooo thrilled about it since Eco Green Craft is a company I do love for a couple of years now – I love their products and I love the concept behind it- it is dear to my heart. So this is a huge honor for me. See my logo? I was almost wetting my pants when I saw it – sorry- but hey- that is just honest – LOL

But also my amazing friend Julie Fei Fan Balzer has some stamps coming out with Eco Green Crafts and here is what she had to say about them and you will get a short glimpse of mine too – thank you Julie for shouting this out :)

The new Artist Spackle by Eco Green Crafts is AMAZING- I’m sooo in Love with it- watch out for texture galore the next months till this baby bucket is empty – LOL

I was filmed too by Scraptime in Canada and will post it when it is up too :) Probably made a fool of myself ;) (Photo stolen from Birgit)

Here with Susan of Eco Green Crafts and Vanessa from Stampington

– My favorite was sharing lot’s of time with my friends!!

≈Ted & Jaime of The Crafter’s Workshop and I celebrated Julie’s birthday on friday together – picture stolen from the Birthday girl – Julie Fei Fan Balzer :) – We had an awesome evening together ≈

On set up day I visited many seminars and cruised through the lines of booths to deliver my projects. Here are Sharon and me doing the Creative Jump Start “Let’s Jump” – I ‘m still giggling when I see the picture- LOL. Sharon already landed again- while still yelling “Let’s jUmp” Hilarious blurry picture.

Here is Drew Scott– amazingly talented teenager! Watch out for him ! Thank you Drew for all your help during my Make ‘N Takes- you rock!

Sunday and monday I did my Make ‘N Takes at the Prima booth-picture stolen from Louise – don’t kill me girl- you are still traveling- LOL !!! I will post the tutorial for the Make and Take later this week.

I spent lots of time with my adorable friend and room-mate Birgit Koopsen – she looks too cute in this Prima hat. Birgit has helped me a lot with my Showcase- you rock girl – and oh well- what can I say- she is the best! Oh wait it was Julie…oh wait it is both of them- LOL – or maybe it is Cat….mmmhh

my amazing friend cat-herine Scanlon who also helped me big time setting up the show case!!! Miss you already girl!

It was so fun to see Anna again – here we are with Pom :) and see- Jaime is in the background – love that girl!

Here is Donna- we spent a fun evening together – hehehe :)

But of course I was not ONLY chatting there ;) I actually did also see products- but honestly I did not take too many photos and was too lazy to get the big camera out- so those pictures are all of poor quality taken with my cell phone camera

The big secret is out – Tattered Angels was not only acquired by Canvas Corp – no, they also released their new product Line Plain Jane. It contains – Simply Sheer, Baseboard and Stained Glass. Basically it  is the four paint products they had before (Glam and Glaze are as one) without the Glimmer. Nice! I had fun playing with it before CHA and doing some projects for the booth.

Heidi Swapp was one of my first stops. She releasied her new Signature line – and I love love love it! And I love her! Heidi Swapp just made me REALLY happy this CHA – and she knows ;)

The memory filed folders were my absolute highlight with them and here is s a little sneak of a project I did with them- can’t show you all yet

I love Heidi’s Ribbon – it has a plastic like surface- but still is like fabric- but the cool thing is that actually Tape Runners stick to it – unlike to fabric and that if you heat it starts fringing- totally cool!

As always I also loved the Pink Paislee collection and fell totally in Love with those tags- tags are the rage anyway- but boy do I love THOSE tags!

And as always Pink Paislee had a cute decoration :)

I loved this line by Jilli Bean- terrible photo I know- but the second grey picture is actually from an old phone book – sooo awesome.

Ronda Palazzari, Birgit and i spent one morning together and had lot’s of fun using the Jilli Bean Booth for some mischief ;)

I cannot wait till Ronda comes out with her book

And here are Ronda and Birgit playing with the gesso I told them about by Deco Art

The Gesso is nice and thick and highly pigmented and smooth- loved it. Thanks to the amazing Bethany Kartchner for enabling me with her amazing inspiring Make ‘N Take!

Oh and look  – I also ran into the fabulous girls Tina and Mireia from Scrapbook Werkstatt– hehehe- they are too funny! oh brother I look quite stupid in this picture- but oh well- out with it ;)

here are my two aussies that brought me lots of yummie and sweet presents – Louise Nelson and Sherry Mendoza!

The amazing Jen Cushman at the Designer Roundtable- who later on won the New Horizon Plaid Award- so cool and so well deserved! She is awesome

Julie Fei Fan Balzer with her awesome apron and logo “I’m a Dirty Girl” I loved seeing all those people wearing this sticker through CHA – and ….This woman is THE HIT. I saw her talking in front of 100s of people- and boy does she have presence! If you have the chance to take a class with her – TAKE IT!!!!! She is funny, knows so much and knows how to engage people and teach them lot’s of things! I was trying to rub my should on her to get some of her talent off but she was calling me Dirty Girl ;)

And of course I had to visit Allison – Hambly has always been one of my favorite companies!

Look at this mistable paper- yummie!

And here is Dyan – loved chatting with this girl – she is fun and we share a love for vintage dresses- hehehe- I think her son got really scared when I told her where she should go in L.A. LOL – Next year we have a shopping date- huh? LOL

Her stencils with Crafter’s Workshop are awesome too!

and of course her artwork too

Oh and speaking of Ranger’s – here is Terry- looooooveeee her!!!

oh and look who I bumped into – Elina from Greece. Finally I was able to congratulate her to the wedding personally :)

oh and look who I also met- Emily Pitts from Cocoa Daisy :)

Some highlights have no picture- dinner with Christine from Cocoa Daisy with Ronda and Birgit and Julie – and some other times – but sometimes the memory is just as good as a dark blurry picture :)

I have so many more pictures also of booths- but I think I have to stop now- cause this is pretty epic already- you are probably already bored….snore…or are gone already ;) I will show you some pictures of my designer show case in a different post too :)

Wishing you an amazing day


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  • scrappegal


    Wow!!! Congratiulations with your stamps! What a dream come true!
    Do you know when these will be for sale?

    Are you making a living from your hobby? That must be such a dream! I hope myself to be able to do that some day. Any advice? How did you get this opportunity?


  • Dara Lynn


    Congratulations on your new stamps!!!! What an exciting time for you!!! Enjoyed all the sneak peaks from Hambly, Pink Paislee and all the inspiring people who continue to contribute to the art we love!


  • misty


    This wasn’t boring at all! I would have been so star struck if I would have been there to see all of you! Looked like so much fun!


  • Maggie M


    Love your new stamps! Thanks for sharing your CHA adventure (love all the photos). Wish I could have been there to meet you!


  • Riikka


    Congratulations about the new stamps!
    Thank you about this post and especially the link to Drew Scott’s blog – OMG! I have to admit, I’m maybe a bit jealous of his amazing talent! :D


  • Marjie Kemper


    SO happy for you about the stamps! Loved all the pics… thanks for sharing.


  • Sue Clarke


    Bagpipes, vintage dresses and new stamps…oh my!
    Congrats on the stamps Nat.


  • marsha.


    Oooh, and I love your dresses too :-)!!!


  • marsha.


    Looks like you had a great time! Congratulations on your very own stamps, they look awesome!!!


  • Minxy


    Looks like you had an amazing time, you lucky thing, look forward to your make and take post?


  • Marianne Johansson


    Looks like you have had the time of your life!!!! Loved the “jump-photo” LOL
    and….LOVE your own stamps – “must have”!
    Thanks for sharing so much creativity and joy!


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