2008 – A Photo Review

Ok – und nun eine Auswahl der 10 Lieblingsphotos aus dem Jahre 2008 – welches sind Eure persönlichen Favoriten des Jahres?

Alrighty and now my 10 favorite photos of 2008 – which are your personal favorites of the year?

*Bear at Hagenbeck Tierpark -Hamburg Zoo – May 2008*

What can I say – I love bears- and this was also a wonderful day with my little god son at the zoo – so a favorite shot of this day :-)

*London Tate Gallery – August 2008*

This image was so strong – and it is weird to think that this is now gone!

*Linus at the Baseball Game – September 2008*

I’m really not good at taking pictures of kids…but this of the little Rocker I love!

*Speicherstadt, Hamburg – September 2008*

Have I told a thousand times that I love this city? No? Well…this photo shows one of the reasons why :)

*Amsterdam at Night – September 2008*

*Planten un Blomen, Hamburg – September 2008*

*Sunrise, Hamburg- October 2008*

This photo was taken early morning from my studio window – it makes me happy because it reminds me of how lucky I am with our home.

*On the plane to Seattle – November 2008 *

So cool to be in a plane and see the earth – it makes me feel so small and  yet so happy and calm.

*Seattle Library – November 2008*

We had a great time in this library- and I love the shapes and colors in this picture!

*Chistmas 2008*

I know I just showed this photo – but this is for me a wonderful photo that makes me warm and fuzzy about our friends – we are so lucky to have so many wonderful friends around us!

Ich wünsche Euch ein wunderbares Jahr 2009 – wir sehen uns im nächsten Jahr wieder- ich freue mich schon!

I wish you a wonderful year 2009 – we will see each other next year – I’m looking forward to it!

  • Michelle


    What a great photographer! I certainly recognize that one of the canal in Hambrug!


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