Ask Nat or…Things you always wanted to ask


Some of you have seen me doing this already on Facebook but now time to do it here too :)

I am working on something and need your input :) – it might lead to answers for you ;)

Let’s say you want to know more about me…professional wise or also who I am or what I love – n*Studio related (keep it real though – LOL)…what would be questions you would ask me?

Happy day to you :)


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  • louise


    Hell Hello U fab thing you! :)

    I have been wanting to ask you how you have maintained the commitment and momentum of being a professional Mixed Media artist?? Do you have any regrets? What would you do differently? Do you struggle with being stale? [and that doesnt mean that I think you are!!!! :*]

    Much Mwah :) xx


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