Blog-Love :-)

Die unglaublich talentierte Vicki Chrisman hat mich mit diesem schönen Titel bedacht ;-) Danke schön Vicki- das freut mich!

The amzingly talented Vicki Chrisman gave me this great title ;-) Thank you Vicki- I love it!

Und welche 5 bedenke ich mit diesem Titel?

An which 5 will I pass this title on?

Here we go – Aline! I love her work and her photos rock!

Challengetime – a gorgeous German Challenge blog- Marion who invented it rocks with her techniques and the new girls are doing awesome designs too!

Shelly – I love her work – awesome – and I love the title of her blog…my favorite Radio STation on Sirius- LOL.

And Vivian – I’m always speechless about her work and I love her thoughts – she knocks my socks off – LOL.

And how could I not name Emily! I’m loving her style, her blog and of course the Deck of Me Art Journal!

There are many more I love- but those are the ones that get my love right now ;-)

****EDIT: One should never wait to long posting ;-) Aline had chose me in the mean time too – but I won’t change this here :-)

  • vivian


    Thanks Nat!!

    Knock your socks off??



  • shellyb


    Thanks girl!!! I never know if I can leave messages on here! But I guess I can!! YOU are the one that rocks…you know I’ve been a big fan for a long time!!! And my fave station is also Left of Center!!! But the blog is named after the Suzanne Vega song. But both fit…as well as my political stance. Have a great day!!!


  • Bianca Alonso


    Hi sweetie!!! You are a rocking girl blogger for me too!!! i couldn’t help it!! check out my blog ;)


  • Aline


    Hehe, I’ve been faster. ;)

    Thanks for nominating me, gerade von Dir ist das eine Ehre! (Konnte den Satz aufgrund akutem Englischverlust nur auf deutsch beenden, hmpf.)

    Ich wünsch Dir ein schönes Wochenende!


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