Bye Bye 2009!

What can I say? This year has been a ride!

I have been traveling so much this year – I would have to say TRAVEL is one word that nails this year down- LOL. I have done a lot in teaching workshops. Healthwise it could have been better – for my loved ones and regarding flus and tonsilitis – me.

Let me have a little review with some favorite daily pictures :)


Cold month-  busy – but a good one :)


A nice short trip to London definetley a highlight that month.


Teaching Workshops in NYC – definetly a big highlight this year. I have met so many wonderful people and this weekend has given me so much energy – I will always cherish it. Also had a nice time with friends in New Jersey. And then after coming back – teaching in Denmark – also really cool! More nice people!

Such a crazy month!


Teaching in Bavaria – more wonderful people and a gorgeous host :) Loved the weather and the atmosphere down in the south.


Spending lot’s of time with on the deck – enjoying the good weather in Hamburg


And London again – always good to be there.


My super creative month – I did so many projects just for fun, just for me – it really refueled me !


Great time with my aunts, traveling to Denmark for more workshops.


Teaching in Germany, Spain and Austria. On the road every weekend. An amazing month – met so many wonderful people. Loved Barcelona to pieces and discovered Austria as a very wonderful place to go back!


Teching in the Netherlands – so much fun and then go to the States. Visiting friends in San Francisco, Sonoma County, spending time in Sequoia hiking, meeting friends in Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Arches, Bryce and Zion. So so amazing and still dreaming of this wonderful time.


Having a friend from the States over, having fun to show him around. Wrapping up the year and teaching the last workshop for 2009 at the ScrapbookKings.


Flying to the States again for a wedding of a friend in Vermont, spending some nice time with friends and family, Christmas at home – sick, lot’s of visitors at the end of the year.

So not a bad year –  let’s also hope for a good new 2010! Have a great New Year’s Eve Celebration :)

Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr :)

  • Michelle


    Wow, you traveled a ton this past year. Love all of your gorgeous photos.


  • Daniela


    Ja, du warst wohl ganz schön viel unterwegs! Super, wie du die regemäßigen Photo-Zusammenfassungen geschafft hast. Hab ein tolles neues Jahr!


  • Karen


    I love the year-in pictures!

    Wishing you a creative and prosperous 2010!

    Lots of Love from NJ


  • Sue Clarke


    I thought that you traveled alot and you did! Wow! Great pics and I especially like the one of you and your aunts:-)
    Best wishes for 2010 Nat.


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