Christmas Card Inspiration

I was part of Riikka’s Creative Christmas Calendar on December 9th and here is the card and inspiration I showed.

I love creating my own Christmas Cards. I used to send out only self-created Christmas Cards, but over the years I was just lacking on time, so I usually have a stack printed and send out a couple of self created one to close family members. When the time comes to create the cards, I often stumble over the design. I am not a card maker person and sometimes I need a little extra push that let’s me create something that is not the usual Christmas or Holiday Card. That is the time where I look around in my home to see if I can draw inspiration from there for a christmas card.



I have this pillow on the sofa and I thought that this would be a great inspiration for a christmas card. The colors are unusual, but yet the embroidered circles reminded me of christmas ornaments and there it was, the idea for a card. And on top…I used the embroidery floss that I got from my great-aunt and therefore this card will be her christmas card ;)



Take a look around in your home and see what could inspire you for a christmas card design. Wether it be the fabric of a pillow, place mat or tablecloth or some painting or decoration item on your wall…inspiration can be drawn on so many levels for your cards: colors, patterns and texture. Just open your eyes for the wonders in your home!



Do you have something in your home that inspires you to create a Christmas Card?


  • Carrie


    Very cool card! I like the background you used, too. I’m not sure anything specific around my home has inspired my Christmas designs, but maybe you could say the pine trees behind our building have helped.


  • Riikka


    Thank you for being part of CCC! <3 Hugs!


  • Sue Clarke


    Kinda cheating, but yes I do: my son and my dog for a photo card. LOL
    I must say that I like the inspiration that you got from that pillow pattern and the card came out quite festive.


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