Dear Creating Keepsakes or an open Letter

my name is NatHalie Kalbach and I’m pretty sure you have no idea who I am. Well – I won’t bore you with some facts about my overly under appreciated scrapbooking skills (lol). Let me  just tell you the fact that I’m a person who fights for the right spelling of her name since elementary school . I have school reports, certificates, newspaper clips, IDs and other important documents with my name spelled wrong – and let me assure you – it had been a hassle sometimes with authorities. I have seen a lot of different takes on my name…and there is always an H missing. Natalie, Natali, Nataly. I have no clue why my poor H is so being so neglected.

I know, I know- if you even read till here you might wondering why Im telling you this. I will come to the point.

When I opened your August issue I saw this

My first thought was… ah …another international Nat…then I thought…oh…Kalbach – and then it dawned on me…you meant me. I was torn between the mournig for the missing H and the happiness for this second time I got the Nod.

So here is the deal…I would be really ok with an missing H if you would just publish me once-  really! I mean – that is a compromise, don’t you think?

Well…one can hope ;-)

Yours natHHHHHHalie Kalbach

  • Cathy


    Congrats anyway Nathalie!



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