DT-Work: ScrapMuse June Kit Part I

Das Kit von Scrapmuse für diesen Monat ist echt grandios. Die Papiere von Elsie erinnerten mich sehr an meine Schulzeit :-) und es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht ein wenig in alten Zeiten zu verweilen. Das Papier ist übrigens wider Erwarten sehr gut dem eigenen Stile anpassbar und vor allem das selbstklebende Stoff-Papier funzt total. Aber nun erstmal der erste Teil meiner DT-Werke.

This month’s Scrapmuse Kit is really awesome. Elsie’s papers reminded me totally on my school times :-) and it was a lot of fun to go back and stay in old times. The paper is although I thought otherwise transferable to your own style and my favorite papers are the self adhesive fabrique papers. But for now my first part of my DT-work.


Journaling: 4th Grade – 1984. We were such a cool class. Many different nationalities and backgrounds. But we spent so much time together even outside school. Mr. Brinkraut was one of my favorite teachers ever. He encouraged me to write and gave me a bike so I could join a biketrip. I would so love to see this bunch again!


Journaling: There is no doubt about it! As a child I had been a klutz. This photo – another proof, look at my pants- wet! 2nd Grade – firestation – so cool! And such a good day. And then I won the puppet for a week to bring home – I jumped up and down “I got it, I got it” and jumepd right into the fire water pond! Not on purpose of course! Everybody laughed – I cried! I have lot’s of those memories…because I had been a klutz! Oh yes!

I applied glossy accents on the flowers, so IRL they look like glass flowers.

*Hugs Card*

Sodele – das war also erstmal Grundschule – mehr morgen – ich wünsche Euch einen schönen Samstag!

Alright – that was it about elementary school – more tomorrow – I wish you all a gorgeous day!

  • nancyjones


    I JUST LOVE THIS. I Tell you I love the site scrapmuse and I love seeing you also at SIS TV THAT IS SO FUN. LOVE what you have done with your elsie. I have some of it and cant wait to finish working with it WHEHEHW


  • Daniela


    Toll, einfach super wie das Papier doch zu dir / deinem Stil passt – hätte ich nicht gedacht!


  • eef


    Love these LO with old pictures!!! Totally cute!@


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