DT-Work: ScrapMuse March Kit – Part II

so, hier kommt der zweite Teil meiner Designteam Arbeiten für das grandiose Scrapmuse Kit. Ich sag Euch Sterne rocken ;-)

so here comes part II of my design team work with the awesome Scrapmuse Kit. I tell you stars rock ;-)


Das bin ich mit 16. This picture shows me with 16

Journaling in the star reads: A tomboy – that’s what I have been most of my youth – hanging around with guys – doing the same stupid things as they do. Sports – all kind of sports and I was good. And then with 16 years I was the only girl that still behaved like a boy so I started growin my hears and trying to act more like a girl – a bit successful – but to tell you the truth: I’m still a tomboy – I like hanging around with guys, driking beer, watching fun movies, talking in a lanuage which is no girl talk And? So what? It’s fine – I’m a wonderful woman: I take boths sides and I love it :-)

Pimp My Flat

So sah unsere Wohnung aus – ein alter Dachboden – als wir sie das erste Mal sahen.

This is how our apartment on the roof – a former attic looked like when we first saw it.

Journaling reads: When I look back I can’t believe we had the guts to buy this place, but we did really good. November 2004

I painted the background with gesso and blue and used crackle medium in between.


Meine Freundin Sandra. Der Stern ist mit Glitter bemalt und das Journaling verbirgt sich hinter dem sogenannten Journaling Courtain.

My friend Sandra – I painted the star with glitter and used the journaling curtain for journaling.

Es gibt noch mehr – später :-)

There will be more – läter :-)

  • vanessa


    wauw I like this, what is scrapmuse???


  • Simone


    Hey,die sind allesamt KNÃœLLER!!!
    Das Erste ist mein Favorit,vor allem das Journaling macht Dich noch sympathischer für mich!!! Klasse,und so schön ehrlich!!!!


  • Daphne


    oh my god….the flat! you 2 are really daredevils!
    Now that I know this… I feel much more comfortable buying a house like this… I can always invite you and DH for some help haha!!


  • Fauve


    That card :Pimp My Flat ,is just the best!!


  • Monique


    Awesome layouts! Love those stars!


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