DT Work: Voice *STM 52* and a Counterstatement

Bon Jovi hat seinen großen Auftritt bei Scrapping the Music diese Woche und zwar mit: “It’s My Life” Kreiert habe ich das Layout mit dem wunderschönen September Kit von Kits&Pieces.

Bon Jovi has his big performance at Scrapping the Music this week – the song is: “It’s My Life”. I created the layout with the wonderful Kits & Pieces September Kit.


Journaling: I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd. You’re gonan hear my voice when I shout it out loud! It’s my life – It’s now or never. I ain’t gonna liv forever! Can you hear me?

August 2008


Und passend dazu eine kleine Gegendarstellung – mir wurde dieses kleine Schmankerl veröffentlicht im WWW zur Aufmerksamkeit gebracht.

And this little counterstatement suits this post pretty well – this little snippet which lives in the WWW was brought to my attention:

Anonymous said…
Nathalie Kalbach (Germany)August 28, 2008 7:58 PM

You’re kidding right????????? Her “work” looks like she closed her eyes, picked out what was ever on left on her table from the last project, and threw it on a page. Her pages are a effen mess. Celine Navarro’s pages are the same way.

Lieber Anonymous – GANZ GANZ falsch! Ich schmeiße meine Sachen vom Schreibtisch mit GEÖFFNETEN Augen aufs Papier :-)

Dear Anonymous – you are so so wrong! I threw my stuff from my desk actually with my eyes OPEN on my project :-)

In diesem Sinne- Euch einen wunderbaren Tag :-)

On this note – wishing you all a wonderful day :-)

  • Cat


    why do people have to say such mean things?? I love your comment to her, and I agree – you are ALWAYS doing something right! love your page!


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