Five Questions for…Anna Dabrowska

I met Anna last year in Warsaw and we had a fab time. So I knew that our event in Bavaria would be a blast and it was :)


What do you do to get into your creative zone?

For me the most important factor in creating is not the place, but the tools, mediums and findings – the flea market treasures are the endless source of inspiration. If I have these with me – I can start creating any time, any place… sometimes it is hard for me to wait till my worktime is over, because I have an idea ready for making it live!

flea market - 1

Next source, besides the flea market hunting is looking through galleries on flickr or visiting blogs I follow – there’s always something which can put me into a creative mood!

Do you ever create hidden meanings or messages in your work?

I don’t hide messages, but most of my mixedmedia projects is full of elements which have a meaning for me – symbolic or metaphoric. The most popular are the cogs and gears, which are very important for me and usually they show both emotions or process happening. The most visible examples of that are “The Mad Inventor”, where the machine build of old clocks’ parts shows the creating process, passion and ideas appearing and changing in the Inventor’s mind.


There is also a light bulb, a clear symbol of inspiration and invention. I also use a gear as a symbol of love and heart – just like in the altered book made with my grandparents’ photo, where the broken metal gears are the methaphore of my grandma’s despair after my grandfather’s death.


They both have gears in the places of their hearts and her heart is bleeding badly because of her loss. I really love metal findings – they give me so many possibilities to express myself.

If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?

I’m dieting now, so thinking about food and creating is a bit painful;) The only thing that comes o my mind when I think about is question is a bit bitter a bit sweet and spicy taste of Dry Sherry. There’s a whole story in every glass of it…

Crystal glass with sherry - backlit


What is your favorite creation? Please explain why you selected this one.

My favorites are changing very often because I’m a very moody person. At the moment I’ve got several “favs” but the one which is very important for me is “Inky”.

inky 800

It is a mixedmedia paper layout, totally grungy in style, but on the other hand very feminine and full of fun techniques. I’m happy that I did what I planned – a pink and gold composition with handmade flowers and a lot of metal findings on it… something between industrial baroque and glamour grunge ;) I really love that kind of scrapping – it is all me…

What is your biggest creative success so far and why?

OMG, I really don’t know! First of all I’m very proud I got the DT spot on Tattered Angels, which s a dream coming true for me. I love all the products they create and playing with it is a pure pleasure for me! The next big success was beeing published in several scrapbooking magazines like Scrapbooking m.m. in Sweden (2 times on the front cover!), ScrapArt zine in Germany or Scrap-Info in Russsia. I also think starting doing classes in Poland and abroad is a big success for me – I’ve always wanted to do that!

Thanks Fin :)

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  • finnabair


    Thsnk you so much Nat for inviting me here :)
    And thanks ladies for your fat too kind words!!!


  • JJ


    I want to create art like Finn when I grow up. ;) She’s been one of my scrappy idols for a while!


  • Martha Richardson


    Ahhh…Finn blows my mind with her art…there is so much to see and it touches my soul. I’m with Jamie…when I grow up I want to be just like Finn & Nat…my 2 idols!! For REAL!


  • Sue Clarke


    “The Mad Inventor” is totally awe-inspiring!


  • Jamie Dougherty


    Fin is one of my Favorite Artists. Nat you and her are my idols for real!!!


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