Five Questions for…Candy Rosenberg

I love Candy Rosenbergs work so much and …I love Candy too :) She rocks paper like no other person!


1. What do you do to get into your creative zone?

I literally just grab supplies pile them on my desk and dive in.  There are times that I have a clear idea of what I am creating, but mostly I find it as I am sitting there playing and moving product around.

2. Do you ever create hidden meanings or messages in your work?

I really have never thought about doing that, I try to be really clear in the message that I am sending in my artwork. I want what I am saying to be very clear. However, you made me think about hiding a few things next time. Interesting.

3. If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?

Well, that one was an easy question….CHOCOLATE! There is something about the richness, the distinguishable flavor…you know it is chocolate just by looking at it.

4. What is your favorite creation?

My most favorite creation was the very first paper dress form that I did. It was the start of my journey in this industry and although it is not as fancy as some that have come after, I was very proud of it. I did these dress forms before they were popular so I would get some sideways looks sometimes.


5.What is your biggest creative success so far and why?


My biggest creative success is being published in Creating Keepsakes, and I will tell you why. I have never been big on being in a magazine but hoped to someday just so my kids and grandchildren would have a little bit of a legacy. I knew that I would never be in Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks,Etc. which are mainstream publications. My paper art is not considered mainstream, atleast not when I started in the industry.


So recently I had the opportunity to be published with CK, and the first thing I said is that I will not sacrifice my style to be published and they agreed. The layout “Miss Hollywood” came out in the March/April issue, page 80. That was a huge milestone. And on top of that I will be published 3 more times over the next few months. My kids think it is cool and I am grateful to Creating Keepsakes for making my art mainstream. LOL!

So never compromise your style of art, it will come to you when it is time. I am here to inspire and connect, and nothing else.

  • Karen


    “Inspire and connect,” I love that, Candy! I might steal that for my site. I might steal you too.


  • Tsila Sofer Elguez


    I want to see more pictures please….!


  • Conny


    Haaaaa – I saw your lo in the Creating Keepsakes – and I loved it from the first step until the last – your pictures are sooo cool!!

    Thanks Nathalie for sharing …


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