Five Questions for…Dina Wakley

I love Dina‘s style and fortunatley enough I met her three times so far – even one time in  my own home :) Can’t wait to see this talented girl again :)


1. What do you do to get into your creative zone?

I don’t do much, really. I sit at my desk. I pull out whatever I need to work on, and I just start playing and seeing what happens. When I start a project, I rarely have a vision of how it will end. With me, the process is very organic and very “let’s see what happens.”

2. Do you ever create hidden meanings or messages in your work?
Sure. In my scrapbooking, I love to use hearts. Hearts to me represent the love I have for my boys…so I find myself putting them on lots of layouts!

Dina Wakley My Loves

In my art journaling I do sometimes have a hidden message, especially if I am feeling bad about something. This art journal page is symbolic of the breakdown of a relationship .The silhouette is significant because it’s masked…so it’s a void. I was feeling an internal void at the time.


3. If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?

I think it would taste like chocolate-covered fruit…maybe chocolate covered strawberries or kiwi! I do love color, so maybe it will just taste like Skittles.

4. What is your favorite creation?

You know, I don’t really pick just one favorite of anything. That’s too limiting! But I do have some scrapbook pages and art journal pages that I love.

I love this art journal page…it came together so easily,  and the colors make me happy. I love it when I don’t have to work hard at creating…when it jus flows

dina aj 01

I love this scrapbook page. The background was in my “ugly projects” box….a box of projects that I start but then don’t work for some reason. On the day I made this page, though, the background spoke to me, and it worked well with all the other layers. I was obsessed with cheesecloth then, too, so the cheesecloth is dyed with ink and layered in.


5. What is your biggest creative success so far and why?

You know, one thing I’m not good at is tooting my own horn. It makes me so uncomfortable. But I’ve been lucky to be on design teams, be published in magazines, etc. I consider all of those things successes. I’m grateful for each and every opportunity!

Another thing I consider a success is growth as an artist. I used to think I couldn’t draw at all, but this year I’ve been trying to draw and growing and improving. I love that.

face today 2 4


Thank you so much Dina :)!

  • Natalie Elphinstone


    Always love Dina’s work, and I’ve thouroughly enjoyed this little peek into her arty world :-)


  • teddi


    there are some definitely fantastic examples of dina’s work in this interview!


  • Sue Clarke


    “My loves” is wonderful! The stitching, the paint moving like water across the page and three sweet boys.


  • Karen


    Well if you drew that face, I am totally impressed! Grow baby, grow!


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