Five Questions for….Felicitas Klink

Felicitas Klink is one of the wonderful German Scrapbookers whose work I love a lot (there are others too :) )  There is something in her work that makes me happy  – might be the colors ;)


1. What do you do to get into your creative zone?

That is a good question…I get inspired by so many things, magazines, nature and my daily routines. Very often I see some color combinations or some graphic patterns and I am inspired. On the other side there is hubby (my favorite scrap motive)…he also can be inspiring: When we fool around or when we are on one of our geocaching hikes. That all gets me into my creative zone and helps me creating my art.


2. Do you ever create hidden meanings or messages in your work?

No, not as i know!?! At 80% I create projects for me and my family. I try to keep our daily memories and pictures and I create my layouts and projects as soon as possible when they happened. So I have the backstories about these moments in my mind. That’s because I’m not a big storyteller or journaling person. I try to express our story in pictures…that’s my message.

3. If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?


Bild via pinterest (

Hmm, maybe a mixture of spices and other cooking ingredients. Some spices, some grains, some crunchy things, some flexible. Different sizes, different colors, different textures, different tastes…mix it together and you get a completly new taste explosion!
4. What is your favorite creation?


I love this Layout. It combines my passion for regular scrapbooking and mixed media. I love bright colors and mixing different styles together. Thats why I started to pimp my scrap backgrounds and give them more color and texture. I do my pages in layers and I love that something catches the eye. I also love doodling and stitching. A few months ago, I had a crush on my new sewing machine, since then I use it on every project I make :)
5.What is your biggest creative success so far and why?


Uh that’s hard to choose. There is so much I can be proud of…
When I started scrapbooking/paper crafting I never thought that this will be such a big part of my life. I am proud to design for Scrapbook Werkstatt. They ask me to join their amazing team when I was a newbie in that business. I never thought that I start writing my own crafting blog  because in realife I am a very shy person. Now I blog for over a year now and I love it so much! Last summer I was asked to join the editors team of the austrian print magazine “Die Scrapperin” . I have so much fun to be involved in designing and creating this magazine. For the current issue I created different projects (layouts, cards and home decor) and I designed some downloads. You can find them on the download section on their website. And last but not least: This opportunity to share some sneak peeks of me and my creative work here at Nat’s. I love her so much and last month I met her in person…what a great women :) Thanks again, Nat.

Danke Felicitas :)

  • Sue Clarke


    That last photo of you is sweet! Joy and success outside in the sun!


  • Martha Richardson


    Hi Danke – Nice to meet you and I like how you “pimped” out your LO!!


  • Vicki Chrisman


    Totally fun getting to know more about you Danke! I see why Nat loves your work!


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