Five Questions for…Leica Forrest

 My friend Leica from Canada is so much fun around, I was lucky enough to meet her two times. She also is an amazing artist and I love her photos!


1. What do you do to get into your creative zone?

* for me it is my children’s clothing. I LOVE looking at the funky designs and bright colours. They have the best textures.


Also I am a HUGE HUGE fan of graffitti.


2. Do you ever create hidden meanings or messages in your work?

* no sorry, but if it is a personal layout or one I have lot’s to tell, I write messages on the back all the time. I do write dates and ages on every page, those I make very subtle.

3.If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?

* something with lot’s and lot’s of layers. hmm, maybe a cheesecake, something sweet at least!


or maybe my friend Sasha’s cupcakes. They are always so detailed and layered.


4.What is your favourite creation?

* I am a HUGE fan of layouts, anything altered.


I also love creating canvases.I really love layering, using lot’s of techniques and different mediums in all the projects I do.


5.What is your biggest creative success so far and why?

* I would say being published over 350 times in many different magazines, websites, ezines, manufacturer sites, etc. I have been teaching internationally now for almost 7 yrs, nationally for 13 yrs. and I LOVE it. I went to University to be a school teacher and it has progressed into this art.

Thank you so much Leica!!!

  • Sue Clarke


    Nat, why does it not surprise me that you know so many friendly, wonderful and creative folks? You are one yourself!
    Love your creations Leica…the lamp, the canvas and especially your children’s hats (wait, you may not have made those);-)


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