Five Questions for….Natasja Verbeek

Today Natasja is my guest blogger. I know Natasja for a while now- we met at several events and had a lot of fun together. She is super talented and I’m thrilled to have her today :)

1. What do you do to get into your creative zone?
If I don’t already have an idea in my mind or if I need to create something for an assignment I mostly start with taking a nice cup of coffee and my Macbook, browsing the web to get inspired. I love to visit home décor websites, print and patterns blogs and sites like Etsy. The colors, patterns and shapes inspire me.When my coffee and sometimes a second, is finished, I go upstairs were I have my scrap room. Since I recently have my space redone and reorganized this it self works very inspiring now. I love how organized it is now!

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2. Do you ever create hidden meanings or messages in your work?
I never create a hidden meaning or message in my work on purpose. Must confess journaling isn’t my strongest part but I always try to put things down just as they are. I always try to have my project express the feeling I had with the picture I am using….but nothing secret about that because that only adds to the words on the layout.
For example creating this mini album reminded me of fun times

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Creating this layout I was rather said about my little girl who is always afraid to speak to people she doesn’t know that well.

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3. If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?
No need to think this over for one second! Chocolate! No matter in what shape, lol. In bars, cake, cup-cakes, muffins…

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4. What is your favorite creation? Please explain why you selected this one.
My favorite creation by far is my wreath…..or actually my two wreaths!
This first one I created in 2009 which just has fall all over it and were I used the same sort of flowers as I used for the weddingbouquet I made for Cosmo Cricket (
This second wreath I created last year and is put together with Crica 1934, one of the Cosmo Cricket releases and lots of vintage bits.

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5. What is your biggest creative success so far and why?
In November 2009 I visited Israel to teach workshop. I taught 10 workshops in 4 days and it was such a great experience!
This year in June I will be back in Israel to teach again! Can’t wait to see you again ladies . Next to Israel I’ve also been teaching in Austria , Germany and here in the Netherlands. I LOVE teaching workshops, to get scrappers enthusiastic to play with their product and inspire them!

blog Nat 9

In January 2010 and last January I visited CHA and worked at the Cosmo Cricket booth teaching make & takes…..that was just awesome!! I got to meet so many people and a lot I already “knew” from online.

I am still amazed that scrapbooking brought me all this!! I love visiting all the countries, meet all these great people and share the love of scrapbooking. Who knows, maybe we meet one day :)


  • Martha Richardson


    LOvE the wreath…oh my! I think coffee and a Macbook is perfect inspiration…you’re my kind of artist ;)


  • Sue Clarke


    That wreath is stunning and fun to play “I spy” with!


  • Cuchy


    Ohhh that wreath is awesome. Beautiful works.


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