Five Questions for….Ronda Palazzari

I’m a huge fan of Ronda for a long time and when I was finally able to meet her for the funniest dinner ever last CHA it was as awesome as I expected.

1. What do you do to get into your creative zone?

My Seat

First I pump up the music. I love music in the background. It’s got to have a good beat too. I mostly listen to alternative rock. There is usually a chai tea latte involved too, from Starbucks preferably. If I am scrapping I start with my photos and a story to tell. I need that emotional attachment. If I am starting with altered art/canvases…its color. It’s all about the color. And then I see where it leads me.

Craft Room 1

2. Do you ever create hidden meanings or messages in your work?

I don’t know if they are hidden or just subtle messages. I am very deliberate. So there will be little pieces in my art that may not mean much to others but to me represent my world.

Ronda this isn't real

The “Real” layout is about my sister untimely death. On that page you will find a 7 (she was number 7, the baby of our family) a C, & a butterfly…all to represent her.

Art Journal for the record030

In the “memories of you” art journal page.. this about me missing my husband who is living in Qatar at the moment. the memories encased in waxed…it’s like time is standing still, the key (he is the one who unlocks me & sees me completely for who I am), me in the flower encased in wax but apart from the title…separated.

3. If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?


Taste the Rainbow….a bag of skittles. And not the whimpy bag, we’re talking the at least the 1 lb if not a bit bigger.

4. What is your favorite creation?

I have a canvas I created lately that I cannot share right now that I totally love. It was one of those pieces that came together the way I envisioned it. But I have two others I can share.

Ronda Colors

First is my Colors layout. I love the rainbow ordered colors on the page with all the bits & baubles on it…paint, mists, ribbon, buttons…oh my.

My altered piece would be my Accept Mini Album.

Ronda P Accept Mini Album

Ronda P Accept Page 3

Ronda P Accept Page 4

It’s mostly mists & gesso mixed together with quotes revolving around the word Accept. I love getting messing & tucking things into layers.

5. What is your biggest creative success so far and why?

I have recently announced a book deal with F&W media. I am beyond honored & thrilled to create this book. It is a technique book that reflects who I am as a mixed media artist. I have a tentative publishing date of May 2012.

Thank you so much Ronda :)

  • Ronda P


    so love you Nat! You are an awesome person and that dinner was so incredible!


  • AnnaB


    I loved reading about you here Ronda…!!! You know I love you and your work! And that book is going to be sooo awesome! :)


  • Sue Clarke


    LOVE your organized creative space (even if it is totally different from mine). I’m drinking a Starbucks chai soy latte now…yum!
    Music is also a must. Thanks for sharing your art!


  • Martha Richardson


    So glad to meet you Ronda…your art is so visually stunning…you can’t just glance…it must be studied!


  • erin yamabe


    oh here’s two of my favorite scrappy friends EVER! love to you both!


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