Glimmer Mist has a new Look :)

Happy 4th of July my friends in America :)

Und Euch in Deutschland ein wunderschönes Wochenende- boah ist das ne Hitze!

Tattered Angels is hosting a GIVEAWAY on their blog till monday to spread the awareness for their new labels (on the bottles) :)

Despite the new label, it’s still the same ol yummy product inside :) :) Join them to get a chance to win a yummy package of brand new CHA-Winter glimmer mist (not available yet – until now :D)

And for those visiting my workshops in the next months…you will most definetly play with some Glimmer Mist :)

  • Sue Clarke


    I like the new look and it seems that it will be easier to tell what color it is at a glance. Thanks for the 4th wishes!


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