Happy Anniversary Hubs :)

Today we celebrate our 7th anniversary and actually in two days we will be together for 11 years. It has been a wonderful time – and there are so many things that I cherish :)

I love that we are the best friends and that we can laugh to tears and goof around at the same things….like this:

I love that we both travel whenever we can and talk about everything – and for that matter be silent together too

I love that you can take my moods and quirkyness and that you are always pushing my forward in all I do :)

I love that you are so creative yourself and play all kinds of instruments….even the Didgeridoo -LOL (ok- that is a lie – but I love the Contrabass and guitar ;) )

I love that you make the best yummie breakfast for me on the weekends – and you do as much in the household as I do – so that we both feel well about it

I love that we both love to spent time with friends, enjoy good food (ohh – I mentioned it twice…mhhh- LOL) and a good microbrewed beer so much.

 I love that we are such a great team and never forget to laugh or make fun even if we have rough day

I love you because of a lot of other reasons- that I won’t post in public – LOL – but will tell you later ;)

I love you not although you are how you are but because you are how you are. Period :)

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