It’s a wonderful day!

Sonntag waren wir in der Lüneburger Heide um meine beiden Tanten, die dort Urlaub machen, zu besuchen. Ein wunderschüner Tag. Wenn die Heide blüht ist es wirklich ein schönes Fleckchen Erde dort. Meine Tante Margot hat sich auch riesig gefreut, ihre alten Bilder auf einem Layout verewigt in der August Ausgabe von Somerset Memories zu sehen.

Sunday we have been in the Lüneburger Heath to visit my two aunts that were on vacation in this area. It was a gorgeous day. The blooming heath is just amazing. My aunt Margot was also really happy and touched to see her old photos on a layout printed in the August issue of Somerset Memories.

*The Apron*

Aunt Margot

Aunt Waltraud

The Heath

And us goofballs :-)

Das war schön – ich hoffe wir sehen uns alle bald wieder!

This was wonderful – I hope we will all see us soon again!

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  • Cat


    You two are so sweet together!! Thanks for sharing your somerset – CONGRATS…..


  • Felicia


    What a beautiful day to enjoy your family :)


  • christiane


    ahh, die tanten und die bank!! ich muß immer noch grinsen!! ;) tolle bilder und am besten gefallen mir die zwei goofballs!! and congrats on your pub again!!


  • Karen Auld


    OK. This is VERY weird.

    My Mom (who loves Nat) and I were in the bookstore just the other day. She picked up Somerset Memories and asked me if she should buy it for Nat. I said no, that we will buy a current issue the next time I make a package for Germany.

    It’s not like we check out the Scrapbooking Magazines when we shop. In fact we just wandered over to the area looking for something else.

    How nuts is that! I think we need to go back to the store!


  • Sarale


    Deine Tanten sehen ja lieb aus :)


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