Just laugh…or…so there

this is definelty a week where things are not going the way they should ….LOL. But do you know this punchy mood when something goes wrong and you just laugh…like a Kookaburra….(listen ;) )

These birds woke me up one morning last year in Australia when I was on my workshop tour in NSW. I opened one eye because I heard this noise and because Sherry had told me about those birds, I knew it was them . I started laughing in bed, it was soo funny.

So ….this week- I’m just gonna laugh it off like a Kookaburra – so there printer, so there lost CHA package, so there accidents…..

Have a day filled with laughter :)


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  • matrispapercrafts


    I totally understand what you mean. Sometimes you just have to laugh. TFS :)


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