Leap Year Celebration or…Blast From the Past

Leap Day – how fun! In German we say literally Switch Day…I like Leap Day better :)

Today I have an especially amazing day and one of the things that put a smile on my face was this post today on the Lil Sugar Blog which is a blog for Mom’s – Mommy’s Little Helper

This is a total Blast From the Past for me! This picture shows a paper bag frog which I have made in July 2006. And even funnier…my blog was only a month old…AND this was my very very first design work for my very very first Design Team. It was a German Kit Club which sadly doesn’t exist anymore. I was sooo excited back then to show my work – I feared the critic and I remember how cutting into the paper was feeling like a sacrilege because…hey….this paper was coming all the way from the States and there was only one sheet for you!

It is so much fun seing also how much my style has changed…so glad it did- LOL

When I received the sweet email from lil sugar if they could use my blog post from 2006 I was taken back in this time when I started Scrapbooking. I remember the hassle on getting products at all here in Europe and how this little community of people who at that time had heard about scrapbooking in Germany was supporting and helping each other in finding information about this “unknown” hobby. It were fun times – and it is still fun!

So much has changed over the years and so much developed, it is amazing to look back and remember. We have come a long way here in Europe and it is exciting to see this niche of Scrapbooking and Mixed Media in the art & craft industry in Europe grow.

And ….btw ….I actually really wanna do this little frog bag again – maybe a Mixed Media Paper Bag Frog, what do you think? Anyone playing along?

Happy Leap Day

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  • MichaelaBM


    Süsser Frosch. Ich mach mit, wenn Du einen neuen gestaltest.
    Liebe Grüße aus Bayern


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