Meh…or How Facebook Page Updates can be seen again

After getting some emails by people before, telling me that they follow my Facebook n*Studio Page but they can’t see my updates , I finally saw this problem as a question popping up on other pages too and it turns out Facebook now requires “fan” page administrators to pay in order to get posts seen by all of the people who have liked their page – I simply don’t have this money..sorry Facebook. – 200 bucks for an update to show up…you might have to get this from bigger fishies than me. This means though that only 10% of the people that would liked my page are seeing the updates.

So if you are one of the subscribers and would still like to see my updates – here is what you can do. Go to my Facebook page n*Studio

STEP 1: go the page and click on the gear on the right side


Step 2: Select “add to Interest List” or in German “zur Interessenlisten hinzufügen”


If you have no interest list yet – you can create a new one. I named mine Artists/Inspiration.

Step 3: Now you can see your interest list on the left hand side of your newsfeed and you can see if there are updates too


I favorited my Interestlist- so it shows up on the top too.

I recommend doing this for all of the pages you are interested in seeing the updates…

Thank you to all of those that are following me on my Facebook page – I actually post a lot of photos during the day and from classes and other stuff on there too – so it is not all the same as the blog and vice versa :)

Wishing you a gorgeous Friday!

huge hugs



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  • Natalie Hall


    Thanks for this! I made a list with all of my favourite designers/artists (and, yes, that does include you!).


  • margaeli


    This is a great tip & I thought that I (as a subscriber) was missing “stuff”/posts from some of my “commercial” friends. I’m going to add many of my likes to similar lists so I can keep up. Thanks again.


  • Lisa Flaherty


    Thanks for the tip! I didn’t realize that my interest list would show up on the left side of the page and that I could “favorite” things over there!


  • Deborah Crouse


    Thanks so much for the tips! I appreciate you.

    Sent from my iPhone


  • Riikka


    Great info! I have your FB page added to my reader, so I’m sure not to miss anything! :)


  • france papillon


    thanks Nath! very useful info :)
    i already did it for your page, and i hope you won’t mind me ‘copying’ this message on my blog :)



    • Nathalie Kalbach


      totally not honey- I am not the first to post this – so go on :)


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