NYC and NJ

so here you go with the last photos of the trip – I bet you want to see something else by now- LOL

We got back from Seattle to Newark on Sunday and went to NYC on Monday. We stayed there for two days as my DH was teaching a workshop in the Village and we wanted to meet some friends and do some shopping. We had a great time!

*at the Blind Tiger Ale House- our favorite pub in the City*

*Why Y????*

*Sitting outside and having coffee with friends in the Village…at the end of November- PRICELESS*

*Street Art*

And while he was working…I was….ahem….shopping- LOL. I went to some of my favorite shops in the city and added another favorite: The first Scrapbooking Store in Manhattan “Portraitbug” – it was going to open in a couple hours and I was the lucky very first costumer. I loved everything they had in Store there- all my taste – and I loved the owner and the interior and absolutley all!!!! Portraitbug also has an Online Store which I highly recommend – seriously I fell in Love :)

The rest of our trip was pretty crazy – we slept every night at different places – met friends and family members in the morning, afternoon and evening and played Domino, shopped even more, had turkey three days in a row at different places, played rock band, went to a yummie Italian Restaurant, had amazing special beers, talked and laughed lot and had a good time.

Thanks Mom, Dad, Dave, Jess, Janice, Joe, JoeV, Shelly, Karen, Bill, Barb, Melissa and Mike for having us and being the amazing hosts you are – we miss you all already!

  • Cathy


    Love the ‘bailout’ street art. Ain’t that the truth!!


  • sue brown


    sounds like such a fun time, thanks for sharing the photos


  • Becky


    Wow! Your pictures are amazing! I loved looking through the past few posts and seeing your vaca! FuN STUFF!!!


  • Sylvia


    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a lovely lovely trip!!


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