Over The Top- Blog Award

On a rough day reading you get an “Over The Top Blog Award” by Julie Fei Fan Balzer, who I totally admire personally and workwise…is just putting a big smile on my face and a warm fuzzy feeling :) So I play along :)

An einem echt bescheidenen Tag zaubert ein “Over The Top Blog Award” durch Julie Fei Fan Balzer, die ich ja total genial finde- persönlich und auch kreativ, ein dickes fettes Lächeln auf mein Gesicht und füllt mich mit ganz viel Freude :) Also spiele ich mit :)

1 Answer these Questions: only 1 word answers

2 Pass it along to 5 of your Fave Bloggers

3 HAVE FUN :) :) :)

Well – I start with the Blogs and I tell you actually Julie’s Blog is right up there :)

Birgit Koopsen’s Blog is a nice inspiration source- I love her use of color and eye for detail!

Kerstin Knitter’s Blog- oh boy- this girl has more creativity in her left pinky when I have in my whole body! You gotta check it out!

Frau Liebe who is actually from Hamburg inspires me with her photos and little treasures on her blog.

Michelle Ward has an amazing grungy style and her challenges are such an inspiration.

Mary Ann Moss- my spray and stencil hero – even though I have used stencils and masks for a long time she made me think a step further!


1 Where is your cell phone: Studio
2 Your Hair? hair-dresser-longing
3 Your Mother:ill
4 Your Father:watching
5 Your Fave Food?Fajitas
6 Your Dream Last night? Bizarroland
7 Your Fave Drink?Water
8 Your Dream/Goal? composure
9 What room are you in?living room
10 Your Hobby? Creativity
11 Your fear? Cancer
12 Where do you want to be in 6 years? San Francisco
13 Where were you last night? Studio
14 Something that you arent? malice
15 Muffins?Liz’s
16 Wish List Item? 50mm lense
17 Where did you grow up? Düsseldorf
18 Last thing you did? sushi-munshing
19 What are you wearing? evening gown…kidding ;)
20 Your TV? black
21 Your Pets? cat
22 Friends?Close
23 Your Life? Wonderful
24 Your Mood? Drained
25 Missing Someone? Mojo
26 Vehicle? Bicycle
27 Something your not wearing? Leggings
28 Your Fave Store? Anthropologie
29 Your Fave Colour? green
30 Last time you Laughed? today
31 Last time you cried?today
32 Your Best Friend?ssssss
33 One place I go to over and over? Art-Supply-Store
34 One Person who emails regularly? Nat
35 Fave Place to Eat? Cafe Vienna


on another note- I got interviewed at Wawerko a creative blog source – you can read it in German here.

Und noch was anderes – ich wurde auf  Wawerko – einem kreativen Blog interviewed – Ihr könnt es hier lesen. Ist ein super Blog- schaut ihn Euch mal an!

  • Michelle Rydell


    Awesome, inspiring blogs – so cool to see your answers too!


  • sylvia


    loved to read these little snippets about you!


  • heather


    Congrats. Both you and Julie ARE amazing!


  • Karen



    Water as the favorite drink surprised me.


  • Kerstin


    Eh! Ich ich hab ‘ne Weile gebraucht um rauszubekommen, was wohl mein left pinky sein könnte. Charmante Übertreibung – aber ich weiß das zu schätzen, Du Liebe. Dankeschön!


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