Project 365 – Week 13

I can’t believe I’m going back to normal – and normal means a very very busy work week! But I had a great time in Denmark – I will show more pictures about it later – and tell more about it later :-) For now I leave you with my pictures for week 11 this year.

Ich kann es kaum glauben, dass jetzt der normale Alltag wieder losgeht – normal heißt eine superanstrengende – weil Urlaubsvertretung – Woche! Aber ich hatte eine großartige Zeit in Dänemark – Ich werde mehr Bilder zeigen und berichten! :) In der Zwischenzeit zeig ich Euch meine Bilder der letzten Woche.


I love how B. just went shopping with us girls in a Mall in New Jersey – and was hanging out at the Tube Tops :)


Fred enjoying the New Jersey sun – such a cute cat!!!


After the yuckie long over night flight from the US to Germany, laying on the sofa and sleeping on and off is my main thing to do this day.


No Spring in sight – so I got the spring inside ;)


Denmark, here we come! Christiane and me in the car on our way to Denmark – fun roadtrip :-)


Teachers of the Scrapbooking Convention in Denmark – me, Christiane and Maj-Britt.


Far traveled Danish Brew – brought from Copenhagen to Memphis, presented to J. – then traveld to Dayton, Ohio – from there to Newark, NJ and then to Hamburg, Germany where we drank it celebrating Workshops in the USA and Denmark- yummie IPA!


Next post I will tell you more about the Workshops in Denmark :-)

Im nächsten Posting erzähle ich mehr über die Workshops in Dänemark :-)

  • Sylvia


    Welcome back! und das Shirt mit deinem Blog-Header (??) – cool!!! :)


  • Daphne


    “Celebrity Scrapperin” … great!!!


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