Project 365 – Week 30

The last week contained more or less only work…and there is no change in the next two weeks. So there are a lot of pictures taken from my office balcony :)

Die letzte Woche bestand mehr oder weniger nur aus Arbeit …und das wird sich auch in den nächsten beiden Wochen kaum was ändern. Nun denn – es sind also viele Bilder dabei, die ich von meinem Bürobalkon geschossen habe :)


The tv tower – from my office balcony.


St. Pauli Stadium and the beginning of the summer fairy. We have a month long fairy four times a year. This means I will hear the screaming people on the roller coasters in my office next week – LOL


Another random shot from the office balcony. Can’t see our roof terrace- LOL


WorldWarII Bunker- right across my desk – nowadays it accomadates music rehearsal rooms and a big music store.


I could eat Sushi almost every day :) On the other days my Italian Blood screams for Pasta- LOL


Playing with Glimmer Mist !


Love how this sight in the hammock- LOL.

Wishing you an amzing sunny sunday!

  • Donna


    great photos! Love sushi!!


  • christiane


    glimmer mist and sushie!! YUMMIE!! hope you had a nice weekend!! :D


  • Michelle


    I LOVE these pictures. You have incredible views from work. I’m even more jealous that you have a balcony! That WWII bunker is awesome looking.


  • Sue Clarke


    The “summer fairy” sounds like our “carnival”. Will you go on a ride and take a pic from the top of it? Love the scrolls and the glimmer mist!


  • Jen Davis


    Mmmmmm…that sushi looks delish! =)


  • Daphne


    that bunker.. fab!!!
    Cool place for music rehearsal!
    oooh and that sushi…makes me HUNGRY!

    HUGS… enjoy your work ;-0


  • Sharon Portner


    Love the picture of Jim….is he being your muse????


  • merryheart2


    love all the photos.
    played with my glimmer mist last week too. i need more. tried to make my own. didn’t work so great. clogged up the sprayer. :(


  • Barbara


    I have to play with some glimmer mist someday! Gasp! I know I’ve never used it.

    Are you sure you did’nt sneek out one night a make some pretty wall art?????? those colors look so you!


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