Project 365 – Week 45

 Here we go – my pictures from last week :)

November 2-2009: a project is brewing

November 3-2009: Scribbling while talking to all my folks in the hospital

November 4-2009: Magnet fun

November 5-2009: another project peak

November 6-2009: sometimes you need Currywurst

November7-2009: Sightseeing with our visitor Bob – St. Michaels Crypta

November 8-2009: More sightseeing- Buxtehude – we were actually totally alone in the church and even got the keys to go in alone.Awesome.

Wishing you an amazing weekstart!

  • Michelle Rydell


    Beautiful photos! can’t wait to see more of your sneak peek projects!


  • christiane


    hope you’re well!!
    und ich würde alles für eine currywurst geben!! :D


  • Sue Clarke


    I can’t wait to see what the rest of the 11/5 sneak peek looks like!


  • Daphne


    in the hospital?….YOU were in the hospital?


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