Project 365 – Week 47

Wow-  I have no idea where this week went…actually I’m glad it is over – it was yuckie yuckie yuckie!I learned a lot this week: I have to set boundaries, I have to learn to say NO, I can’t trust everybody but luckily enough there are people out there that I can trust;  and there are people out there that hate me…well…ok – you gotta live with that, right ;)- I still have some people out there that love me ;)

Wow- Ich habe keine Ahnung wo diese Woche geblieben ist- aber eigentlich ist es mir auch recht, dass sie vorbei ist- sie war nämlich ätzend, ätzend, ätzend! Ich habe eine Menge gelernt diese Woche: Ich muß Grenzen setzen, Ich muß lernen NEIN zu sagen, Ich kann nicht jedem trauen aber glücklicherweise gibt es ja auch noch Leute, denen ich trauen kann; und es gibt Leute die mich schlicht hassen …na…ja …ok…damit muß man halt leben, nicht wahr ;)und nur nicht verzweifeln, es gibt ja auch noch Leute, die mich mögen ;)


working on projects – fun


finally-I love them so much!


Learning more stuff about Photoshop Elements- love Sande Krieger’s Classes. I can learn so much easier with her videos than through a book.


It is this time of the year again – this year some bought christmas cards are included due to time problems! Still have to convince mysel it is ok to not every year make 100 christmas cards myself- LOL


I wish I could sew good enough to make a nice throw for my sewing machine :)


Our Advent’s Wrath this year- also note the new lamp in the background ;)


I love starting the day with a breakfast burrito!!!

Wishing you a gorgeous sunday- actually the sun is coming out right now!

Wünsche Euch einen wunderschönen Sonntag- gerade kommt die Sonne hier raus (wow- hat sich wohl verlaufen ;) )

  • Michelle


    What a beautiful advent wreath and new lamp. I find it hard to believe that there is someone out there that doesn’t love you. <3


  • Cat


    I need to make a cover for my machine too, but have been procrastinating about it – think I have to much other stuff on my plate. Have a nice day, and thanksgiving if you celebrate with your hubby!


  • Jessica


    Silly girl!! give me the size of the sewing machine and I will make you one. You can get it while you are here!!


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