Project 365 – Week 52

Here we are  – the week before the last week of the year. That was a quite weird and eventful then a down hill week- LOL – While the beginning was really busy and fun and Christmas was much awaited, Christmas was spent in bed- even today – with flu and fever. But we are getting there :)

Los geht’s – die vorletzte Woche des Jahres. War ein wenig komisch, aufregend und ging dann voll bergab – LOL. Während der Beginn der Woche noch sehr beschäftigt und witzig war und ich mich auf Weihnachten sehr freute, verbrachte ich Weihnachten selbst mit Grippe und Fieber- selbst heute- im Bett – aber es wird besser :)


Nice organ concert in St Michaelis – our main church here in Hamburg and also the most beautiful one here. The organs were just refurbished and it was amazing to hear all three of them at the same time


Such a snowstorm – my view from my office desk to the St. Pauli Stadium.


Jims new ornament – Bazooka Guy- with angel’s wings .


Christmas Eve on the way back from our dinner – fun snow men


Unfortunatley sick on Christmas Day -but still enjoying candle light and the tree.


Niles doing pedicure is the funniest thing in the world.


Our tree growing out of the skylight :) I love the tree this year a lot.

Wishing you a wonderful week !!!!

Wünsche Euch eine schöne Woche!!!

  • Jen Davis


    So sorry to hear that you are sick Nat! Total bummer, hoping that you are feeling better soon!!!!

    Beautiful photos!


  • Sue Clarke


    I love Jim’s new ornament and the pic of the candles. Something special about flames. Wishing you to feel much better!


  • sylvia


    och mensch, ganz gute besserung dir!!!


  • Daphne


    oh my dear schatzie. I hope you feel better soon!


  • Katja


    och du arme :-(
    wünsche dir gute besserung und ein umso tolleres und gesundes silvesterfest!!!

    liebe grüße, katja


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