Project 365 – Week 53

Well….there are four more pictures I have to show from last year to make my 365-Project a closed case. It was quite a journey – I had lot’s of fun doing this. Unfortunatley being sick threw me off to take pictures already for 2010 – so no such project this year. I think I did good though ;)

Nun… da sind ja noch die restlichen vier Bilder vom letzten Jahr um mein 365-Projekt abzuschließen. Es war ne tolle Reise – Ich hatte jede Menge Spaß dabei. Unglücklicherweise hat das krank sein mich gleich davon abgehalten im Jahr 2010 zu photographieren – also kein solches Projekt in diesem Jahr. Aber ich glaube ich hab’s ganz gut gemacht ;)


NIles keeping me company while laying sick on the sofa.


Baby it’s cold outside…I guess. Haven’t left the house since Christmas Eve


Having my friends over – so wonderful, if only a short moment of feeling better. I looked so forward to this evening for weeks that I took all my strength together to make it through – I guess the revenge was more sickness following the next days.


A. with her cute little feet.

That is it :) But I will continue to take photos of course :) Wishing you a gorgeous day!

So das wars :) Aber natürlich schieße ich weiter Photos :) Wünsche Euch einen grandiosen Tag!

  • Cat


    Hope you are all recuperated!


  • Michelle


    Sorry to hear that you are/were sick. You and I were doing the same stuff at the same time. Blech. Hope you are all better by now.


  • milkcan


    Cutest baby feet EVER! So looking forward to playing with you at CHA!


  • heather


    How sweet. Kitties, babies, & cold, oh my!


  • Sue Clarke


    BABY feet are the best! I am sorry that I never managed to get a good photo of my son’s feet when he was a baby. I so hope that you feel better soon Nat!


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