Saying good bye as a Tattered Angels Golden Ambassador

Yesterday was my last day as a Golden Ambassador for Tattered Angels.

The past four years I had a wonderful time filling several roles for the company, sometimes at the same time with being on the Design Team, being the Design Team Coordinator, being an Educator and being a Golden Ambassador of Tattered Angels. Last year alone I taught over 50 Tattered Angels Workshops – pretty crazy number, huh?  ;).  With the transition of Tattered Angels to Canvas Corp. the decision was made to close the Golden Ambassador Programme. Although this is a sad moment as a wonderful time ends, it also makes me happy as I know it frees me for the awesome things that are coming up in my creative life…it is all good and I’m giddy at the same time because I know this is going to be a rockin’ year :)

I will still work with Tattered Angels products and I will continue teaching the already scheduled workshops for the next months, so don’t you worry – we will mist away :)

I would love to show you my favorite work that I have done for Tattered Angels the last 4 years as a way to say good bye and close this capital for now

And this is only a SMALL fraction of my projects – but I think those are my faves of all of them in all the years. Looking at those projects puts a smile on my face because I had a great time while creating them- and that is what it is about for me: the creating process and the memories that go along with it and the photos I use. Nobody can take that away from me :)

Thank you Wendy and Tattered Angels for your trust in my work all those years and giving me the chance to work with you. You have been the reason for where I stand and who I am right now as me regarding my professional life. It has been a fun ride. I have learned a huge amount of things from being on the teams whether it about how I love to create, teaching or about the industry itself. Thanks for letting me be myself in my art projects.

I hope you enjoyed my little TA-Gallery post :)

Have a wonderful day




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  • Vicki Chrisman


    Your TA work has been such inspiration for so many for so long, not to mention those to have been lucky enough to have taken a workshop from you. YOU have been a trendsetter for TA over the years. I can not wait to see what all your creative future will hold. I’m excited for you!


  • Catherine Scanlon


    Love all the beautiful colors and art here — you are DESTINED for greatness my dearie!


  • M. Carmen - Cuchy


    What a beautiful selection.
    You’ve been a wonderful role model all these years, and you’ll still be wherever your next creative stop is.
    Wishing you all the best


  • Peg Hewitt


    Wow, Nat, that’s an awesome body of work. All the best for your future escapades, I will be watching with interest :-)


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