Scrapmuse Photo Challenge Week II

Und weiter geht es mit der Scrapmuse Photo-Challenge – hier Nummer 2 – ein Foto über etwas, das charakteristisch ist für Deine Umgebung in der Du wohnst. Das kann ein Denkmal, ein Fluß, eine bestimmte Pflanze, irgendetwas sein. Ihr wisst schon was ich meine ;-)

This time I would like to see a trademark/landmark of the area of yours. Something you see everywhere from where you are or something that you would say is a trademark for your area. Like say certain bushroses in Oregon, or a hill, a river near by, maybe an artist has his stuff all over and this is a trademark ….I guess you get the picture ;-)

Hier ist mein Foto – aus dem Fenster meines Büros geschossen – wie Ihr seht, ist das Wetter einfach wunderschön zur Zeit – LOL

Here is my picture for this challenge – it is taken out of my office window – as you see the weather is just beautiful – LOL

See the tv-tower on the left hand side – that is the trademark for the district I live in Hamburg – I can see it from my window at home, from work – everywhere I go I can see it. At night it has nice lights on – sometimes they have a lasershow at night up there and sometimes at day time they do have bungee jumping (arrrrgghh – LOL)

For those of you interested what the weird building on the right side is: it is a World War II bunker (18thousand people could find shelter inside) – the bunker was way to solid and right in the middle of the city to get rid (they demolished several smaller ones) of it after the war, but now it is a media center. There are music stores inside, bands are rehearsing there, photo-studios and so on.

Was sonst …ach ja…mmmh – ich kann einfach nicht an einem Künstlerbedarf-Laden vorbeigehen – und im Kopf hatte ich diese Serviette von Ikea als ich die Farben aussucht – verrückt oder?

What else…ah yes…mmmh – I just can’t walk past an art supply store – and in mind I had this napkin from Ikea while I chose the colors – crazy isn’t it?

Happy Saturday :-)

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