Special Feature: Interview mit Elsie Flannigan

I’m so thrilled to say Hello to the girl whose blog and work brightens my day every morning: Elsie Flannigan!


Elsie lives in Springfield, Missouri, is married to T.J. and has an adorable pug named Cocoa.
Elsie is a contributor to Creating Keepsakes Magazine, the Book ScrapCity as well as to The Me Book. Her own Book 52 Scrapbooking Challenges will be out in July and she also designed her own Stamps and Fonts. On top of that, Elsie is a Design Team Member of KI-Memories, a part of the Art Group Red Velvet and a Garden Girl for Two Peas in a Bucket.

Elsie, your work is admired by a lot of scrappers overseas, so let me ask you some questions:

You started scrapbooking only two years ago. What did you think about Scrapbooking when you first heard about it?
I used to think it was pretty cheesy. I didn’t get into it until I saw some idea books (Designing with Words and Designing with Photos) that had a more organic, art-based style to them! :-) At that point I was addicted!

What did you do before Scrapbooking became your main profession?

I was a wedding photographer. I was very stressed out, so I feel like this is a huge blessing! I love my job now!!! :-)

How did Scrapbooking change your life and do you like it?
Yes! I love it! Scrapbooking has changed my life in so many ways! I love that it makes me more aware of the world I live in. It makes me appreciate details more and it makes me so excited to move forward to the future! It is a very fulfilling hobby!

Elsie, would you show us your very first Layout?
My first layout (called Bridal Portraits) will be featured in the CK Annual Idea Book this year! :-) I am so excited!

You are part of the art group Red Velvet – was that before you started scrapbooking? And what can you tell us about Red Velvet?
Yes! We had Red Velvet before I started scrapbooking! It is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my whole life! It is for girls our age, to inspire them and give them courage to create art and be real! :-)


Your Blog is called A Beautiful Mess, is there a story behind this name?
It is from an old album by Sixpence None the Richer. I love the name because I feel that it really describes my life. It is very messy, and very wonderful!

Can you tell us something about your new book 52 Scrapbooking Challenges?
Well, there is a challenge for every week of the year! I am so excited about that! They are fun challenges that are meant for anyone from a beginner to a very advanced scrapper! I will be doing these challenges on my blog also! :-)


I know you have been asked many times how much time you need for a Layout or where you get your inspirations from. So I skip that question and ask what makes Elsie tick?
What makes me tick? I love this question! Um- I love everyday life. I love it when I wake up and have bed hair. I love getting a red tea with honey and reading magazines at the bookstore. I love it when my puppy plays with me. I love creating something and then waking up the next morning and still loving it! All these things and more are what makes life good! :-)

Elsie, what, scrapbooking-related, is your proudest accomplishment?
I am very proud to be a Garden Girl for Two Peas in a Bucket! I am also thrilled about my new book for CK! :-)

What is your favorite technique or material you use right now besides ribbon and buttons?
Paint! I love paint! I love how messy it is!

What do you think is becoming a new trend?
Well, this is different for everyone- we all connect with different things. I am really into stars and hand stitching right now! :-)

I promised my husband to ask you this question ;-) : Where does your username on 2Peas ElsieCake – come from?
My husband used to call me this! I love it!


Is there anything you would like to add ?
I love you! I love you! I love you!!!!!!! Mwah!

AHHHHHHH – Elsie – right back at you! Thanks so much!

  • Ines


    Das Interview ist SUPER! Bin ein großer Fan von Elsie und freue mich schon riesig auf ihr neues Buch.

    DANKE nat!


  • Jami


    Nat this is a wonderful and exciting interview. I Love what you are doing with this and I have the feeling that it will go beyond your expectations.


  • faith


    sehr cool, mal ein blog-interview mit elsie zu lesen! vielen dank dafür!


  • Andrea


    Cooles Interbview … für Ticks für September war ich leider zu lahm (bzw. mein Rechner) … naja … aber ich freu mich irre auf das Buch von Elsie und hoffe, dass ich es schnellstmöglich irgentwie ergattern kann :o) Nat – Dir vielen Dank für dieses tolle Interview … you go girl :o)

    LG – Andrea


  • Britta


    Toll, ein Interview mit Elsie!


  • Vicki Chrisman


    What a Fun interview!!! I had to read it twice! LOL Vic


  • dani


    hier ist nummer 3 für september live und in farbe! vielen vielen dank nat für das interview und:

    ~~ thank you elsie for this little insight!! I can’t wait to meet you in september at pien’s atelier! ~~


  • socialbutterfly


    great, great, great!!
    ich bin begeistert!!

    und auch ich werde elsie im september hautnah erleben dürfen!!


  • miss_europa_discodancer


    und ich werde elsie im september live und in farbe vor mir haben. *freu*

    danke für das interview, meine liebe! : )


  • Jeani


    Witziges Interview! Das Buch habe ich schon preordered :D


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