Special Feature: Interview mit Severine Di Giacomo

Dieses Interview wird in zwei Sprachen veröffentlicht werden: Englisch und Deutsch. Viel Spaß!

Today I welcome Severine Di Giacomo. Her work strikes me for some months now and I am happy that her work is getting acknowledged more and more!

Pic Severine Di Giacomo

Severine lives in the French part of Switzerland, so her first language is French. She is married and mother of two little boys, Theo (7 and a half) and (Loan 4 and a half).

Severine has published her work in Ides de Scrap (a french magazine), Scrapbook Answers (april issue), Memory Makers – SimplyGraphic, in the first issue of Style&Scrap a new Canadian magazine and is the Fresh Face for the August issue in CreatingKeepsakes. She also took part in the Freestylebook of Autumn Leaves. Furthermore Severine is a member of the Scrapdeco’s Design Team, which is the very first Swiss Desingteam.

Bonjour Severine, je suis ravie et tre s honore d’avoir une interview avec toi

How long are you scrapping? How did you find that hobby? And how would you describe your style?

I started to scrapbook in 2003. In fact I started with rubberstamping, I used to make cards. Then my sister Valerie showed me scrapbooking sites, I immediately loved that and I gave up the rubberstamping.

My style is definitively graphic. I like to have the focus on my photos. I like to play with lines and colors.
Severine, you work as a part time teacher and mother to two boys. How do you find time to scrap and how important is that for you?

I’m a quick scrapper I never work more than an hour on my LOs so it’s easy to combine my family life, my work and my passion.

This passion is very important in my life, it brings a balance to me, it allows me to work the creative side of my personality and it enables me to build a memory for my family.

As I live scrap all the day, I often start with a project in my head and so I can create my page quickly.


Where do you get your inspirations?

Everywhere around me. Colors inspire me, adds in magazine inspire me, music, verything ! ;-) and of course I love to see the work of amazing artists on 2peas.

What, scrapbooking-related, is your proudest accomplishment?

I’m really happy and grateful for the Freestyle book of Autumn Leaves

I would like to know how you were contacted for the book Freestyle and how was your experience working for Autumn Leaves?

On September 8, 2005, Tracy Kyle sent me an email which said that she would like to speak with me about a project with Autumn Leaves and her.I saw her message right before going to sleep and I can tell you that I slept very badly that night because of the excitement.

This experience was really amazing. Everything was so fast. I think that I didn’t really realized what happened.Autumn Leaves is a very big company. All is so well organized, everything is connected quickly, it was the very first time that I had assignments works, and I liked that. It is very interesting, you need to leave your comfort zone, it is perfect.

For me it was like a swirl in which all kinds of feelings were getting mixed.
How did working on the Freestylebook influence your style?

I don’t think that we can see a difference between the pages BEFORE Freestyle and AFTER Freestyle but Freestyle enabled me to approach my pages differently, my way of thinking changed and perhaps now I dare to try out more new things than before. It’s not always very conclusive but I dare.

What was your first LO – can we see it?

mmmh my first LO, let’s see-I will have to look for my old albums first, I never scanned it !?

First Page

It was not a 12″ x12″ LO, just something similar in a no-scrapbooking album. This LO makes me smile now but I think it’s pretty cool because it relates to a good family memory
Can we also see a recent one?

I like this one because it’s really simple. Only cardstock, some mini brads and the focus on these sweet pics and voila


How developed is Scrapbooking in the Switzerland? Do you think that this will become an as big hobby as in the United States?

We are starting to speak about scrap but few people knows what it what it refers to. We find some sites, some forums and some shops. The most complete site for the moment is scrapdeco which includes a forum, a gallery and an onlineshop.I don’t know if it will become as big as in US but I do really hope !
What do you think is becoming a trend in the future or what would you like to see becoming a trend?

I think freestyle seems to be a trend right now. Freestyle as Free Creation, everyone need to be free to create what is the best for them. I love to see differents styles.

I think it’s the difference which makes the richness.

Is there a certain technique you like?

I don’t use a lot of techniques but I love to see them on pages.

I love all kind of textures so I love paint and fabrics on LO’s. Stitching is a technique I love to see too.

Is there anything you would like to add ?

I want to thank you Nathalie, it was great to do this interview with you ! THANK YOU

Thank you so much Severine for this wonderful and interesting interview. I would also like to thank Audephil who was so wonderful and helped me with this interview! Huge hugs to the two of you!



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