Special Feature: Interview mit Vicki Chrisman

Today I’m very happy to welcome my wonderful and talented friend Vicki Chrisman.


Vicki lives in North Bend, Nebraska. She is married and the mother of two boys, both in college now.
Vicki is a Design Team (DT) Member of the magazine Scrapbook Answers as well as for ScrapMuse, Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage and Fancy Pants Designs.

Vicki, I’m just imagining we are sitting here and we are having a cup of coffee together as this is what I would really like to do. Let me ask you some questions:

How long have you been scrapping? How did you get into the hobby? And how would you describe your style?

I’ve been scrapping for about 12 years now. I’ve always loved to create, even as a child, so when I first heard about scrapbooking I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I didn’t take a class, I just started. I did it the way I wanted, and had fun doing it. I look back on some of those layouts now, and laugh, but at the time, I was having great fun!

I don’t know that I have a specific style, I love the idea of being able to do whatever strikes me at that moment. Heritage, and Shabby have always been favorites, there is something about that warm vintage look that I just love. I also love quirky little details, and lots of contrast!

What did you do before Scrapbooking became your main profession?

The most important job I’ve ever had, of course, is being a mom, but before I started doing this full time from home, I worked at a scrapbooking and stamp store, and instructed classes. Before that I worked for 10 years as an Early Childhood Development Para professional for the school system.

Vicki, I saw once your first layout. Would you like to show it again?

This is one of those I can go back and laugh about. But I’m still glad I have these, and that I have the photos and information documented.

1 st layout

Would you also show us one of your latest layouts, just for the contrast and because I love your style!

Sure. I’m loving the new Fancy Pants Designs papers and rubons. Here’s one done with the “Chi Chi” line.

Kissy Face

Vicki, you are working for so many Design Teams. Could you tell us what your day is like? How do you organize it and how you can be so productive?

It’s always busier before trade shows of course. The companys need layout samples done with the new products, for displays at the shows. Each Design Team position has a certain number of project assignments due each month, so that is fairly easy to plan ahead for.

Scrapbook Answers Magazine editors contact you with assignments, which you can read over and accept or decline. Sometimes things seem to come all at once, and it can be a bit overwhelming, but I am so thankful for the work.

Often times I think being on the different teams really helps me. For instance, working with the Scrap Muse kits each month gives me the opportunity to try out the newest cool products, which in turn helps me when creating for the Scrapbook Answers magazine. Just one example is texture paste! I may have never tried it, had it not been in our Scrap Muse DT kits. I tried it and loved it. I used it on many of the mini albums in the Heartwarming Vintage books and was asked to do a step-by-step feature for the Scrapbook Answers magazine using it.
Sometimes it all works together really well!

When things do slow down a bit, it’s a good time to work on things like submitting, or to work on something JUST FOR FUN, JUST FOR YOURSELF, without rules!

Where do you get your inspirations?

Oh, all you have to do, is to look around. Inspiration is everywhere…. nature, music, ads, tv, clothing, color, etc. Sometimes I’m just inspired by the products themselves. I really like to try out new techniques and use different mediums. I love being inspired by others people work. Just looking at other peoples’ take on things gets my creative juices flowing.

Vicki, what, scrapbooking related, is your proudest accomplishment?

I gave this question alot of thought, and I think there are three things that I would have to say have definetly put a huge smile on my face this past year. I am very proud of the two books I worked on with Sandy Redburn and Cindy VanKoll for Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage (Get Round with Heartwarming Vintage and Get Creative with Heartwarming Vintage).

Heartwarming Vintage books

I was thrilled to have gotten the cover of the Dec/Jan/Feb 2006 issue of Paper ARTS.


And I was honored to have been choosen as one of the “2006 Scrapbook Answers Magazine” Designs Team Members.

I’m wondering how it works with Scrapbook Answers. It is a very technique driven magazine with lot’s of how-to features. Do they give you a technique and then you work on tips or layouts for this feature in the magazine, or are you come up with an idea yourself?

Well, this can be done either way. If you have an idea, you can propose that idea to them, and they may accept it for a place in an upcoming issue where it would appropriate fit. Or they could either put out a general call to the entire Design Team for something they are looking for, or one of the editors may contact you personally and ask if you would be interested in working on something, using a specific technique or product.

What is your favorite technique right now?

I am still loving stitching alot, and live to doodle!

What do you think is becoming a trend in the future or what would you like to see becoming a trend?

Oh, of course I see “freestyle” as huge, and I’m thrilled about it! I’m just glad to see people having fun, and being able to do what they want to do. Being creative! No right or wrong. I think we are going to see people become more and more creative, and less and less inhibited. I think this also let people find fun and creative ways to use up older supplies, by
using them in new and interesting ways.

Is there anything you would like to add ?

I would just like to thank you, Nathalie, for letting me be a part of this.
I t’s been an honor!

Thanks a lot Vicki for taking your time to give this very interesting and fun interview! Hope we can share coffee soon ;-)

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    So interesting to read about where Vicki came from! I have only been following her for about 6 months so this is very cool. I’m glad she has shared your blog with me also. ~Diane


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