Time for a Laugh: Classical Art Memes

Ok so sometimes you find yourself in the section of the museum where everything is very serious – religious iconography, portraits of nobles, political events from long ago. But I want to show you a new way to see these sometimes stuffy paintings: Classical Art Memes! Yes there is a whole lot of them out there and they crack me up every time.

Here we go – something about your last museum visit maybe?

Dining out – something I totally relate to:

And even better…

For anyone who maybe just had a trip to the dentist:

And… It’s flu season so:

For all you designers and architects:

And of course the artists :)

An internet search for Classical Art Memes will open up a world of hilarious distraction for you. Be careful if you are trying to avoid procrastination though!

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  • Ally Green


    Oh Nathalie, I love this new way of looking at Art! <3


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