After indulging the last days into the sweet nothing or as my Italian heritage side would say: Dolce far niente – I’m back running, crushing my heals into the asphalt, because yesterday I checked my calendar….and EEEEEK it said 3 weeks till my flight to California.

Because…if I haven’t shouted it out yet from all roofs with trembling tonsils ;) (not a nice picture – LOL) – I am teaching in California at the Scrapbook Island in San Jose on January 21 and 22. I am soooo excited and nervous and …all of that you know.

(Did I ever tell you that I’m still nervous before each workshop – yep I am – but maybe that is a good thing, you don’t take everything for granted ;) )

It is going to be fun! If you live near by- come on – and see what you can expect :

I am also working like crazy on all the Creative Jump Start logistics – I tell you- that is so awesome. All those posts and videos by the Jump Starts – AWESOME!!! (have to practice my California lingo ;) )  I watch the videos as they come in and it itches me to start creating right away- no kidding. If you do not know what the crazy German is talking about -check it out:

More infos here

It is one of the biggest collaboration projects I have worked on so far and I’m so happy that my idea months ago was received so well. All of us Jump Starters are pretty excited. The first post will go up on January 2nd after the holiday – so in exactly one week.

Also working full time on my Über*Media Gesso Class – a five week Online Class starting January 15th, 2012. There is so much in this – it is ÜBER full with techniques from easy to intermediate to advanced :) check it out here:

That is like a TV- Jingle show here- hahaha. And last but not least I’m working on my Designer Showcase at CHA – so it is out- I said it….no backing from this one. That is actually maybe the scariest of all the named projects I’m working on right now- LOL. That and the boxes that are piling here for projects for CHA for some booths – so …I better get going! Wish me luck ;)

See you tomorrow and have an awesome day!






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  • Lisa


    Your videos are so fun! Love them! Enjoy your trip to California–you will be so close to me and yet so far! (I’m in LA.) Such an exciting January you have! Thank you for all the time and energy you are putting forth for the Jump Start and your other classes and workshops! You go, Girl! :)


  • Janine


    Looking awesome, Nathalie. Enjoy your trip to California (I envy you!).
    Happy New Year!

    P.S. We have to meet someday!!


  • Sue Clarke


    WOW…your videos have moved up in the world Miss *N* Studio…love it!
    I so wish that I was going to be near you for the workshops which look like such fun (especially the RAW mini-album). BTW, I love your large blue ring you’re wearing in the video (nice focal point). Best wishes for 2012 my scrappy friend.


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