Winding Down: Top Ten Blog Posts of 2012


This was a crazy year for me. The start of the second year having quit my job as a paralegal and as a Mixed Media Artist. Lot’s of fun things happened, wonderful journeys, work opportunities, but also a lot of rejection, self-doubt, self-pity, self bashing. Crazy….

As of my blogging I would say 2012 marks finding my own voice again. I clearly struggled with my blogging  in 2011 and while I want to show my work or tutorials – there is so much more that is on my mind and that makes me me or that inspires my work. I wanted to share this with you and I think slowly in 2012 I found my voice …this is me – whether you like it or not ;)

So here are some of my favorite Blog Posts from last year- they might not necessary be your favorite ones ;) Some are funny, some are very personal, some are inspring…

Use Your Special Dishes or…You Are Worthy!


It was a hard time and it still is a bit a hard time- everyone ever taking caring of a loved elderly family member knows this – this time taught me a lot though and it made me appreciate a lot of things in my life in a different and better way!

7 Weird Facts About Me

7weirdfacts about me

It was fun thinking of weird stuff…(still not told you the weirdest facts- hahahahaha)


iDoodle…or The End of the Bee Gees in my handbag


This one makes me laugh because of the music…I am sorry thought that later on one of the Bee Gee’s died…I really didn’t know when I chose my title!


Peek Inside The n*Studio – Prepping Workshops


It was fun writing about things, that I first thought would nobody find interesting…but you did…;)

Before I Die I want to…



It was a post proved by an amazing Video – I loved it – and it inspired me to a canvas that it close to my heart

Thank You Mr. PearCabbage…


Again- I loved this inspiring movie by Drew Dudley and it made me think about people who handed me a lollipop!

Was It Worth Quitting a Well Paid Job…


A post reminiscing if I did the right decision quitting my job as a paralegal to become a full-time artist

Photos are like a Rube Goldberg Machine



What chain of thoughts do photos trigger in you?

My Favorite Mixed Media Essentials

MixedMedia Essentials


This is actually a part of a longer series of blog posts and will still continue on in 2013- all about my most favorite tools and supplies to create mixed media projects.

Colors Are Your Friends

Colors Are Yiur Friends

This is another series- which is finished about color theory..or should I say MY color theory? ;)


I hope you enjoyed this list- is there any of the listed posts that you as my reader especially enjoyed this year?

Have a wonderful day



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  • Jenny Palmer


    Hi Nat
    i am so glad you are you if you werent I wouldnt have learnt so much
    your post on color theory is what drew me to look around your site
    I hope one day i get to meet you [very unlikely but what;s a dream without dreaming]]
    I would tell you it was a great choice to leave your job to do art fulltime.
    I would tell you that you more than any other artist have inspired me
    As you now I havent long ago started my arty journey but thru your classes I have done with you I am no longer scared to try.
    I dont know how to thankyou because your art classes along with my darling husband’s support for doing this pulled me out of a very bad deppression
    so from the bottom of my heart i am so glad you are you
    waves from Tasmania


    • nathalie-kalbach


      Hi Jenny,

      Thank you so much for you wonderful and heartfelt comment! It means a lot to me ! I wish you a wonderful, happy and very creative as well as healthy new year 2013! Huge hugs to you Nat


  • Gunvor


    I’ve enjoyed these and many more of your inspirational, colourful and awesome blogpost this year. Not to mention how much I enjoyed meeting you “IRL” in Stockholm and taking a class for you – such a creative kick! Thanks for everything you shared in 2012 and a Happy, Creative, Colourful New Year to you!


    • nathalie-kalbach


      ahhh- Gunvor- you are such a sweetheart. It was wonderful meeting you!!! Wishing you a wonderful creative happy new year too!!!


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