Creative Jump Start Video : Street Art

For the creative Jump Start I had done two videos actually – one was more an inspirational talk- which I will show later again – and one was how I actually go out and get Inspiration for free :) And I wanted to show this video again on my regular blog.

Best Inspiration For Free

[wpvideo dQngc41K]

For those of you, who have problems watching the wordpress version – here is another option:

The password is: jumpandplay


Do you like street art or is it something you dislike?


Comments (4)

  • jjsobey


    The graffiti in your area is very different from what we get around here. In my area, it’s nothing more than vandalism and an eyesore – there’s no art in it at all.


  • zeffy


    Natalie thanks for sharing this again.. i AM inspired all over again,,,,and boy do i need it!!!


  • Maggie M


    I love street art…it’s such a free form of art! Thanks for sharing your video and inspired art piece. Very cool:)


  • Bev W.


    Thanks Nat!!! Love the way the heart came out. This video inspired me last time and once again inspires me now. Thank you for sharing it again:)


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