I make Art…or I am a blind visual artist

What an inspiring and beautiful video of Pete Eckert, a totally blind person. Through his photography, he proves that he IS a visual person, he just can’t see.

| Artists Wanted | In Focus : Pete Eckert from See Me on Vimeo.

I love this and since I love the process of my artwork almost more when the outcome…I get it too.

Do you think you need to “see” your art in order to enjoy it?

huge hugs


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  • Jean A Marmo


    So inspiring! I too am another who just plays. Just for me.


  • scrapinsue


    Another inspiring video that you’ve shared with us Nat.
    I really have to say that I’m not at the point in my hobby where I can even evaluate rather or not I need to “see” my art in order to enjoy it.
    I play with paper and paint and it’s fun:-)


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